Financial support to care providers due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the government provided additional funding to local authorities to help them meet the increased demand for adult social care and to provide additional support to social care providers.

The following outlines the financial support provided to adult social care providers since the beginning of the pandemic.

Support to care providers in Barnsley

Lump sum (support) payments

A total of £1.594m was paid to care providers in March 2020 to cover additional cost pressures arising from:

  • use of temporary / agency staff
  • increased statutory sick pay
  • cost of procuring personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • other associated administrative costs

The purpose of the support is to make sure that providers are able to meet increasing demand and/or to make sure continuity of service during the pandemic / lockdown.

Individual payments made to care providers range from £5000 to £50,000 based on contracted costs in 2019/20 financial year. The payments equate to an increase in excess of 10% when compared to profiled care provider costs for the relevant period in 2019/20.

Infection control measures

The government made available infection control funding of £3.002m (paid in two instalments – May and July 2020) to us for Adult Social Care. The purpose of this fund is to provide support to adult social care providers in the implementation of infection control measures and to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

The following summarises the payments made to all care providers in Barnsley (including those that we do not contract with) since May 2020 to date:

Payment Care homes Domiciliary and other car providers Total
Tranche 1 payment £1,110,925 £276,931 £1,387,856
Tranche 2 payment £1,115,254 £188,576 £1,202,830
Payment pending - £88,355 £88,355
Total £2,226,179 £553,862 £2,780,041

Funding of £0.2m was retained by us to fund the cost of PPEs sourced by care homes and domiciliary care providers directly through our procurement arrangements.

We're required to report to the government on the use of the above funding by care home providers. We've submitted an annex to the government that shows the use of tranche 1 payments by care home providers.

Voids payment scheme

Weekly payments have been made since April 2020 to providers (that we contract with) for voids in all care homes arising from death of residents funded by the local authority at the time of death. The total payment for voids in care home to end of August 2020 amounts to £1.342m. This payment support is expected to come to an end on 30 September 2020.

Cash flow support

We have sought to alleviate the cashflow position and resilience of care providers since the onset of pandemic in March 2020 through the following measures specific measures:

  • All care providers have been removed from our Premier Supplier Scheme ensuring full payment of invoices with no discounts applied.
  • Payment terms have not been applied ensuring that invoices from care providers are paid immediately.
  • Domiciliary care providers (including supported living providers) have been paid to plan, for example based on the planned care hours. Total payment to plan made to care providers (ie for frustrated and abortive calls due to COVID-19) amounts to £0.2m to the end of July. 

The above cashflow support arrangements came to an end on 1 August 2020.

Other financial support

In addition to the above we have sought to minimise adverse impact of COVID-19 on the finances of specific care providers and to ensure service continuity / re-opening of services after lockdown through the following measures:

  • Block booking of residential/nursing care beds, in partnership with the CCG.
  • Continued payments to long term shared lives carers in line with current / scheduled payment plans.
  • Continued block contract payments to support providers in line with agreed contractual arrangements.
  • Continued payments to direct payment recipients, with service users encouraged to pay providers under the current service agreement.