School and class closures due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Schools will start being able return to face-to-face education from 8 March 2021. For further information you should contact your school; see our list of schools and their contact details

For children attending school, teaching bubbles apply. Schools and classes may close and pupils asked to self-isolate with little notice due to coronavirus.

Schools with close contacts or bubbles isolating

Schools with bubbles currently isolating: 

  • 1 George Street
  • Carlton Primary Academy
  • Cherry Dale Primary School
  • Darton Primary School
  • Jump Primary School
  • Keddy Kiddy Care
  • Kexborough Primary School
  • Kids World
  • Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre
  • Ladywood Primary School
  • Millhouse Primary School
  • Outwood Academy Shafton
  • Robert Ogden School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
  • West Meadows Primary School

We update this page with school closures every Monday and Wednesday. For the most up to date details please contact your school directly.

More information

To keep up to date with the latest information from your school, including about home learning and any additional support available, visit their website or contact them directly. See our list of schools and their contact details.