Shopping safely on our high streets

Temporary measures are in place on high streets across the borough to help keep shoppers safe and protect local businesses.

When you're shopping around the borough, you'll see the signage we have in place to encourage you to stay safe and follow guidelines.

How we're keeping our streets safe

You can help to keep yourself safe by:

  • Cycling or walking if you can, or using your own private transport. Avoid using public transport where possible.
  • Using cashless payments where possible and limiting your browsing time.
  • Expecting queues as shops will have a limit on the number of customers, and following signs for queues.
  • Being kind and patient with each other; although shops are open, it won't feel like normal.
  • Following government guidelines on hand washing and wearing face coverings when in enclosed public spaces.
  • Keeping to social distancing guidelines.
  • When you're outside, try and keep to the left to keep a safe distance from others.