Paying your council tax / Berneslai Homes rent during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

Paying your council tax

Please continue to pay your council tax as normal. You can pay this online, set up a direct debit or find out about other ways to pay.

If you're struggling to pay your council tax because you're unable to work and are on reduced earnings please contact us on (01226) 787787 and select option 2. Please note, if you're self-employed you should contact the Department for Works and Pensions initially for advice on applying for Universal Credit.

Hardship fund

The government has announced the creation of a £500m hardship fund for local authorities to administer, to provide support to 'economically vulnerable people and households'.

Details of the scheme have been released to local government which we're currently working through. We will get further communications out regarding this from next week (30 March 2020).

If your income's reduced because you're unable to work you may qualify for help via the council tax support scheme. Find out more about council tax support.

Council tax payment holiday

If you continue to struggle with your finances after you've received the government’s support, you may be eligible for a three-month council tax payment holiday.

For more information please call us on (01226) 787787 and select option 2.

Paying your rent for a Berneslai Homes property

If you’re worried about being able to pay your rent because of COVID-19 (such as if your employer's reduced your hours, or if you're having to self-isolate and are self-employed), please contact Berneslai Homes on (01226) 774613 or (01226) 774685.

Find out more on the Berneslai Homes website.