Fizz Free February

Are you ready for Fizz Free February?

Fizz Free February is back! Will you be making a pledge to #gofizzfree?

Saturday 1 February marks the start of Fizz Free February, meaning it’s time to ditch sugary drinks for a month.

Cutting out fizzy drinks is a great way to reduce your sugar intake. Going fizz free for all of February will help you on your way to drinking less sugary drinks for the rest of the year.

Join our campaign and help protect your own and your family's teeth.

The hard truth about soft drinks

  • You can save £438 a year if you stopped drinking one bottle of soft drink, per day for a year.
  • Drinking just one 330ml can of fizzy drink a day could add up to over a stone weight gain per year.
  • 79% of fizzy drinks contain six or more teaspoons of sugar per 330ml can.
  • Tooth decay is the leading cause for hospitalisation among 5 to 9 year olds in the UK, with 26,000 children being hospitalised each year due to tooth decay; in other words, 500 each week.

Try swapping sugary drinks for tap water, lower-fat plain milk or sugar-free dilute juice, and pledge to #gofizzfree.