Food and healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for good health, therefore food is one of the public health priorities (2018-21 Public Health Strategy). It is estimated that obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year. On average, obesity deprives an individual of an extra 9 years of life, preventing many individuals from reaching retirement age. In the future, obesity could overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death (PHE).

Through our Food Plan we aim to tackle the affordability, availability and acceptability of the food we buy and eat.  The Food Plan addresses the inequalities related to healthy weight and associated chronic illnesses and seeks to go beyond traditional interventions by focuses on a whole system approach to food to ensure we achieve our ambition of 'accessible quality food for all'.

Tips and advice on eating well

Browse the following links to find more information about how to eat well and stay healthy.

Weight management service

Barnsley’s specialist weight management service can support obese residents in Barnsley to achieve a healthier weight.  The aim of the service is to reduce health risks, improve co-morbidity and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle with an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.