Child and family poverty

Supporting people who are living in poverty 

Evidence tells us that the number of families living in poverty in Barnsley is higher than the national average. Despite reported national increases in employment, wages and average income, the gap between the better off and worse off nationally is increasing.

We know how living and growing up in a household that is affected by poverty disadvantages children and families.  It limits children’s opportunity to reach their full potential and it disadvantages families from generation to generation. 

What we’ve been doing to tackle poverty 

We’re already working together with other agencies to support the most vulnerable individuals and families in Barnsley. Our plans for tackling poverty locally are informed by census data that shows us the number of households with income that is lower than the national average. The action we’ve been taking to support people includes: 

  • promoting skills and training for employment
  • working in schools to promote ambition and achievement
  • providing advice about managing finances and reducing debt
  • making sure that people can access health and wellbeing services, when they need them
  • improving housing and supporting communities, to develop services that benefit local people

What needs to happen next

Our priority will continue to be to work with our partners, to support individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. 

We know that the recent reforms to welfare benefits, other government austerity measures and rises in the cost of living have further affected people who are already living in poverty.  We’ve commissioned a study, to understand more about this and what it means for local people. We’re using the findings of the study to review the impact of the work we’ve already been doing and to update our local plans for tackling poverty. We are working on refreshing our plans and will publish them on this webpage when they are available.

You can read more about national plans to reduce poverty here on GOV.UK and the Department for Work and Pensions website.