Disabled Facilities Grants

What is the grant for?

Making changes to the properties of people with disabilities to support independent living. This includes things such as stair lifts, ramps and showers, but does not cover decorative work.

You can read more about Disabled Facilities Grants on the government website.

Who is eligible?

The very first step is to have an assessment done by Social Services. You can then apply, if you are assessed as being in need of major adaptations to your home and are:

  • A disabled person, who is an owner occupier or a tenant
  • An owner occupier or tenant, who has a disabled person living in your home
  • A landlord, on behalf of a disabled tenant

Are there any costs?

The Disabled Facilities Grant is means tested so the amount you may have to contribute towards the cost of work depends upon your level of income, savings and investments. This means that your share of the cost may range from nothing at all, to the full cost of the work.

This does not apply to grants for disabled children, as they are not means tested.

You can find out more by contacting Disabled Facilities Grants Team.

Response times

If, after an assessment of your needs, an occupational therapist indicates your referral is a priority the Disabled Facilities Grant Team will contact you within five working days.  In all other cases, due to the high number of requests we receive for this kind of assistance the current waiting list for adaptations is approximately 14 months long.

Frequently asked questions

Are there limits to the grant?

The limit to the amount of mandatory grant is £30,000. If the cost of the work proves to be very expensive we may not be able to give you a grant above this amount and other action may be proposed.

Will I have to contribute to the cost?

The amount of grant, other than those for disabled children, will depend on your income and savings.

To calculate your contribution, if any, we will need to ask a number of questions about your earnings, other income and savings. When interviewed please have proof of your earnings, savings, benefits and so on.

How do you work out my contribution?

When you apply for a grant, other than those for disabled children, a test of resources will be carried out (a means test) which is an income assessment of your finances. We will take into account most benefits but we will ignore savings up to £6000.

The amount of your grant will depend on your income, savings and responsibilities. This means that your share of the cost may range from nothing at all to the full cost of the work.

What if I sell my property within 5 years of the grant being allocated?

A Disabled Facilities Grant is not normally repayable. However, where a grant is for an extension to a property then we will, where the cost of the grant exceeds £5,000, impose a repayment requirement up to the maximum value of £10,000.

A Local Land Charge is placed on the property, which is activated if the property is sold within 5 years of grant closure.  The repayments do however, reduce year on year from the completion date..

What is the Priority System?

This system is a way of dealing with requests for grant aid on the basis of the greatest need.

The assessment will take account of the condition of the disabled person and is categorised by The Equipment and Adaptations Service.