Barnsley energy tariff

The Barnsley energy tariff - Great for Barnsley

We're working in partnership with not-for-profit energy provider Great North Energy to offer Barnsley residents their very own local energy supply offer.

The energy tariff, called 'Great for Barnsley', will help our residents get a better, fairer deal on their energy bills, offering consistently competitive and transparent prices and deals on their energy, combined with great customer service which puts our residents first every time.

There will be no hidden fees or complicated tariffs and Great North Energy can help to get residents switched to a smart meter so there will be no more surprises when it comes to energy bills.

Getting a quote and switching

The Great for Barnsley energy tariff is now live, which means you can obtain a free, no obligation quote and start the switch process right away, if the price is right for you.

If you'd prefer to speak to someone for a quote, call Great North Energy on 0800 145 6699.

Everything you need to know

What is the Barnsley energy tariff?

The Barnsley energy tariff, called 'Great for Barnsley', is a dedicated energy tariff brought to Barnsley for you - our residents.

The tariff is being brought to you by Barnsley Council in partnership with Great North Energy, and is only available to people who live in Barnsley.

Is Barnsley Council providing the energy?

No, we're providing it in partnership with not-for-profit energy provider Great North Energy.

Why is Barnsley Council launching the Barnsley energy tariff?

By offering our residents a local tariff, we aim to reduce energy bills and make sure you are being offered fair, competitive and transparent deals on your energy supply.

It's estimated that around 4.7 million people across the country haven’t switched their supplier for more than ten years, which means that they're most likely paying more than they should be for their energy. We want to make sure our residents get a better deal.

We also have around 11,572 households across the borough living in fuel poverty*. Through our energy efficiency programme Better Homes Barnsley, we already deliver a number of energy efficiency schemes to help our residents keep their homes warmer, reduce their energy bills and reduce fuel poverty. However, rising energy bills means that residents are remaining in fuel poverty and we want to do more to tackle this by offering a local tariff that can help people to save money and be treated fairly.

*A household is said to be in fuel poverty if:

  • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level), and
  • were they to spend that amount, they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line

Has the council had to pay to provide the tariff?

No, the partnership arrangement has not required any upfront investment. We're required to pay for promotional materials such as fliers and banners to help promote and advertise the tariff, as well as officer time required to manage and market the scheme.

Does the council make money from the tariff?

A small income will be made from the tariff but this will be used to recover the cost of marketing materials only. Any surplus money will be placed in the Energise Barnsley community fund, for redistribution in the form of grants to other agencies in the borough to support projects tackling fuel poverty.

How could I benefit from switching to the Barnsley energy tariff?

The Great for Barnsley tariff will bring with it a number of great benefits to you and your families:

  • Great prices – you could save money on your energy bills.

The new tariff offers fair and consistently competitive pricing which could reduce your energy bills and save you money – especially if you’re not a regular energy supply switcher.  

  • Great transparency – no hidden costs or sudden surprises.

What you see is what you get with the new tariff. No hidden costs or sudden price hikes at the end of a fixed period and you'll automatically be moved to the cheapest available tariff with the provider when your fixed deal ends.

  • Great customer service – you’ll receive ongoing customer care.

You can look forward to great customer care – whether that's support in going through the switch process or making sure you’re offered the best deal year after year.

  • Great for Barnsley people – it’s all about you!

The Barnsley energy tariff puts Barnsley people before profit. No large bonus pay outs for shareholders or company directors mean that we can pass on any savings to you and keep prices as low as possible.

  • Great for your health – keeping you warmer and healthier.

By receiving fair deals on your energy supply, we hope it will help people to feel confident to use their heating as the weather turns colder, reducing winter illness and keeping you warmer in your homes. We also hope to see a reduction in fuel poverty across the borough and help to keep families out of it - by keeping costs as low as we can year after year.

How will this reduce fuel poverty in Barnsley?

By offering residents fairer, competitive and more transparent energy deals, we hope that the Great for Barnsley tariff will help reduce energy costs so that vulnerable residents can afford to adequately heat their homes. Residents who switch can also request to have their more expensive pre-payment meters replaced, which will also help reduce costs.

Can anyone switch to the Barnsley energy tariff?

Yes, it's available for every household with a Barnsley postcode, regardless of whether you own or rent your property. As long as you have a Barnsley postcode, you’ll be able to switch.

Can businesses switch too?

Not at the moment, but this is something that we’re looking at introducing in the future and we’ll provide more information on this as it develops.

My neighbour is concerned about switching provider as she’s always been with one of the ‘big 6’. How can I reassure her?

Some residents have never switched energy supplier due to fear of making the move to a lesser known supplier, or they may feel daunted by the switch process – particularly if they’re not confident using digital devices.

The Great for Barnsley tariff is endorsed by Barnsley Council and we’re fully committed to our preferred supplier. Ideally, we’d love to see every resident across the borough receiving their energy through our local supply offer, but only if it’s the right deal for you. If it isn’t, then we won’t encourage you to switch to it. The tariff offers transparent, fair and honest prices and deals. There are no hidden costs or hidden agendas – what you see is what you get with our simple, straightforward tariffs. You can also enjoy some of the benefits associated with being with the ‘big 6’ suppliers, including access to the Warm Homes Discount and priority services register where eligible.

You’ll receive great customer care that will guide you through the switch process – whether that be over the phone or support offered by our digital champions. Look out for special sessions with our digital champions to provide support in making the switch online.

Once you make the switch, you’ll not be forgotten about – you’ll be offered fantastic customer service on a consistent basis and will be offered the best deal year after year.

My current supplier only sells 100% renewable electricity and I don’t want to switch to a supplier who can’t do the same.

Good news! Great North Energy only provides electricity from renewable energy sources. Electricity is certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators. Great North Energy actively looks for opportunities to support new schemes, but some of the energy will be provided from existing UK based projects.

I am a pre-payment customer. How can the new tariff help me?

If you currently have a pre-payment meter and wish to replace it with a smart meter, Great North Energy will use your payment history to decide if this is possible, rather than carrying out a credit check with a credit agency.

If you prefer to have a pre-payment meter, then these can be replaced for free by smart pay as you go (PAYG) meters which will allow you to better monitor your energy use through a portable digital display. Many suppliers will charge to replace a traditional pre-payment meter.

PAYG customers will have a wide choice of ways to top up, including online, by phone and by text, as well as all the traditional methods such as PayPoint and at the Post Office.

We recognise that some people prefer PAYG as a way of budgeting for their energy, but we believe that wherever possible residents should be able to choose how they pay their bill. Great North Energy’s smart PAYG meters can be switched to credit mode remotely, free of charge.

What are the names of the tariffs?

  • Great for flexibility – standard variable tariff
  • Great for Barnsley – one year fixed
  • Great for PAYG – pay as you go / prepayment meter

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, £22.50 per fuel for paying for your energy online, via paperless billing.

Are there any exit fees?

No – we've made sure that the Great for Barnsley tariff doesn’t include exit fees. So if a better deal comes along for you in the future you’re free to switch without any penalties.

How long will the switch process take?

In the majority of cases the switch process takes no more than 21 days from start to finish.

Can someone help me switch?

Yes, you can call 0800 145 6699 and one of the Great North Energy advisors will help you switch.

How can I obtain a quote and make the switch?

To receive an instant quote visit the Great North Energy website.

All you’ll need is basic gas or electricity bill information in order to get a quote and switch.

Enquiries can also be made by calling 0800 145 6699 (calls are free from mobiles and landlines).