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Important news about your energy supplier

After five years of supplying energy in the UK, Robin Hood Energy, our supply license partner, have recently announced that they’ve agreed a sale of their business to British Gas. As we’re not able to operate without Robin Hood Energy, our customers will also be looked after by British Gas.

The team at Robin Hood Energy chose British Gas because they’ve promised to look after the supply of our customers and to match or beat your current tariff with us – it means you’ll continue to get a great deal and from a supplier you can trust.

What happens next?

British Gas will be in touch in the next few weeks to outline your new tariff and prices, which will be at least as good as you are paying today. They’ll also ask for your consent to join them. They’ll then handle everything, provide you with a new account number and show you how to set up an online account. They’ll also transfer your Direct Debit over, so there is no need to cancel it.

All that’s left for us to do is to issue your final bill from us and transfer any credit or debit balance to British Gas. When that’s all done, we’ll close your account and your transfer will be complete. And don’t worry, your energy supply will be entirely uninterrupted during your transfer.

You don’t need to do anything

There’s nothing for you to do right now – just wait for the British Gas team to get in touch. In the meantime, we’ve included answers to some of the questions you might have below. Find out more about the switchover to British Gas.

Thank you for being one of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

No, you don't need to change anything. The amount you pay and the date you pay will stay the same and British Gas will automatically transfer your Direct Debit across to your new account.

Does this affect the Robin Hood Energy's white labels?

Yes. All brands run by Robin Hood Energy will be moved over to British Gas.

 Will my fixed prices change?

If you are on a fixed price tariff, then British Gas have promised to match or improve your current price. The term of your current fixed tariff may also be extended.

I'm on a variable priced tariff. Will the price change?

If you are on a variable tariff, British Gas will match or beat your existing tariff. But it’s also worth remembering that variable tariffs change in line with the energy price cap set by Ofgem, the industry regulator.

The latest review of the price cap comes into effect on Thursday 1 October 2020 and will see prices decrease for customers on a variable tariff.

What will happen to the balance on my account?

Whether you’re in credit or debit, your entire balance will transfer over to your new British Gas account.

Will I lose my supply of gas or electricity during the transfer?

No. Your energy supply will continue as usual and remain entirely uninterrupted during your transfer.

When will the transfer take place?

It will start from mid to late of September and completed mid-November.

 My fixed price tariff is coming to an end soon. What will happen after that?

If you have agreed to a new tariff with us, then you will be offered a tariff price by British Gas which is either the same or better than the one you have already accepted.

I've already started switching to British Gas. Will this still go ahead?

This will continue as planned.

I've already started switching to a supplier that isn’t British Gas. 

If you have already started switching to a supplier that isn't British Gas, this will continue as planned and you won’t be migrated to British Gas.

I'm moving home; what should I do?

Simply notify us as normal.

I get communication in large print or braille, what will happen to that?

That will continue. We'll tell British Gas how our customers currently receive their bills.

What about Warm Home Discount – will that stay the same?

Yes. We will tell British Gas which of our customers receive the Warm Home Discount when they transfer across. British Gas also offer the Warm Home Discount to both the Core and Broader group.

Why did you choose British Gas?

We’ve chosen British Gas because they’ve promised to look after our customers and to match or beat your current tariff with us – it means you’ll get a great deal from a supplier you can trust.

As a British Gas customer you’ll also get a range of other benefits which they’ll explain to you when they contact you.