Landlord guidance

We've been helping to support tenancies in the private rented sectors for many years and can offer support to help you let and manage your property in Barnsley. 

Our commitment to you

We understand that managing and letting a property you own can be a complex business in a changeable market with increasing legal requirements. We also understand the concerns you may have when letting your property and our commitment is to offer you a range of incentives and access to support that can help you protect your investment. 

The teams in our specialist services provide you and your tenants with high quality advice and support to help build successful and long-term tenancies.

Our customers

The private rented sector is a popular option for many families, couples and single people but they are often prevented from accessing it because they cannot afford to pay deposits and the rent in advance and often ask the Council for help in finding suitable and affordable accommodation.

Leasing to a registered housing provider

We work with registered housing providers and housing associations who will lease properties from private landlords to provide homes for our customers.

Property leasing is an ideal solution for landlords who do not want the responsibility of the day to day management of their property(s). 

The lease

The terms of the leasing arrangement will be led by you. You will discuss and agree with the provider how long you want to lease your property to them.

Guaranteed rent

During the term of the lease, you will be guaranteed an agreed monthly rental income by the provider, meaning you will not need to worry about unpaid rent or rent loss for periods the property is empty.

The level of rental income you receive will depend upon:

  • the size of the property
  • the local housing allowance rates in the area
  • the provider’s management cost

The level of guaranteed rent paid to you is likely to be slightly below local housing allowance rates. However, the amount to be paid will be negotiated between you and the provider before entering into an agreement.

Property management

The provider will deliver the day to day tenancy management on your behalf, which can include:

  • working with Housing Options to identify suitable tenants
  • completing tenancy agreements and tenancy sign up
  • rent collection
  • conducting property inspections.
  • making sure the property condition is maintained throughout the term of the lease
  • ensuring repairs issues are raised and responded to swiftly
  • completing gas and electric tests
  • responding to tenancy issues
  • providing support to tenants or make referrals for support as needed
  • serving warnings and notices as necessary
  • taking legal action where appropriate


The provider will agree with you how to respond to any disrepair issues. You may wish to continue to arrange for repairs to be completed yourself or allow the provider to complete any repairs on your behalf. 

More information

For more information about leasing your property please contact us online.

Landlord accreditation scheme

Find out more about our landlord accreditation scheme.

The Housing Options Team

Our Housing Options Team works to help people in need of accommodation to access suitable and affordable housing. 

Choice of tenants

It’s important that you feel comfortable with who you rent your property to. You will have the opportunity to meet potential tenants before making any commitment, and you will make the decision about who you will rent your property to.

Right to rent checks

Not everyone has the right to rent, or live in, private rented housing. Specific checks are completed to ensure prospective tenants have a right to rent, meaning you avoid any unnecessary sanctions.

Affordability checks

Affordability assessments are completed with each customer helping them choose a property they know they can afford, providing you with the reassurance that potential tenants are able to meet the rental costs of the property.

Support for you and your tenant

Working directly with us to provide homes for our customers you will have direct access to the Housing Options Team. We can offer information advice and guidance and assist tenants with the support they need to live independently, including help to manage finances, look after their home and access employment or training.

Direct rent payments

We know one concern for landlords is making sure rent is paid each month. We can help tenants who have previously struggled to pay their rent to make applications for direct payments. If awarded, this will ensure the rent is paid in full and on time directly to you.

Other financial assistance

We appreciate there are other potential costs to renting your property, and we can provide additional assistance such as providing a bond or deposit and paying rent in advance. We can also reimburse the cost of specific insurance you take out to cover the cost of property damage or rent loss.

Help at the end of a tenancy

When you decide to end a tenancy, we can support your tenants to find new accommodation and help to avoid expensive legal proceedings.

Contact the Housing Option team

Email or call (01226) 773870 for more information about the Housing Options team.

Additional housing information and advice

Property standards

We're committed to providing and maintaining decent, good quality accommodation for the benefit of the residents of Barnsley.

All potential properties offered either through a leasing arrangement, the landlord accreditation scheme or directly to Housing Options team, will be inspected by specialist staff to ensure they meet the minimum standards.

Our basic minimum criteria for residential lettings are:

  • Property is free from hazards and disrepair.
  • Properties are clean, well maintained, both internally and externally.
  • Properties have suitable light fittings, curtain tracks and appropriate floor coverings of a reasonable quality throughout.
  • Properties are fitted with operational smoke alarms that meet relevant fire safety regulations.
  • All structural elements of the property (such as rainwater goods, doors, windows etc.) are in good condition and repair.
  • Gas and electrical safety certificates are available.

Help to meet property standards

We can complete Housing Health and Safety Rating System checks on properties and provide advice to help ensure your property meets the required standards.

The private sector housing team:

  • provides advice on property conditions
  • conduct property inspections to ensure your property meets legal and acceptable standards
  • shares good practice

They can help you identify what possible hazards are present in the property, and how to manage the property to reduce hazards that may cause harm or otherwise effect tenants.

Tenant behaviour

As a landlord you're required to take all reasonable steps for preventing and dealing with any anti-social behaviour (ASB) caused by your tenants. Find out more about dealing with ASB.

Energy efficiency

It' a legal requirement for all dwellings in the private rented sector to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 established a minimum level of energy efficiency for houses within the private rented sector.

From 1 April 2020 it became unlawful to let most properties if the EPC rating of the property is either F or G. Therefore, the property must be brought up to the minimum rating of E.

There are several ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property through measures such as wall, floor or roof insulation, heat pumps and first-time gas central heating systems. Depending on your personal circumstances and your tenant’s you may be eligible for some financial support to make the property warmer and cheaper to run.