Regeneration schemes

Regeneration schemes will be applied, at the council's discretion, as part of the Strategy for a particular area of the borough. The decision to declare a regeneration scheme will have regard to the physical condition of the properties, market sustainability, strategic regeneration plans and residents consultation.

Works which may be included in a regeneration scheme

  • External works - repair, renovation or maintenance of any part of the external fabric including structural components.
  • Environmental Works - work carried out to improve the external appearance of the property visible from the highway (eg. boundary walls, gates)

Additional works which may be offered to vulnerable occupants

  • Security measures - e.g. window locks, external lighting.
  • Energy efficiency works

The works will be generally funded to 100% of costs for owner occupiers.

Private landlords will have works funded up to 80% of the cost, if they are members of Barnsley's Private Rented Accreditation Scheme. Non-accredited landlords may receive a grant of up to 67% . Participants may, however, be required to contribute towards the cost of the works, at a level determined appropriate, with regard to the aims and objectives of the scheme and the financial capacity of the participants.

Conditions of future occupancy will normally be attached to all but the environmental elements of the works.

Empty dwellings, within a regeneration scheme, will be considered in the same manner as other properties, but will be subject to conditions designed to bring about occupancy.

Who can apply?

A regeneration scheme will apply to owner occupied, privately rented, and empty dwellings within the schemes geographical boundaries.


On declaring a regeneration scheme the council will advertise in the local media and invite local residents and owners to take part in a consultation process. Once the scheme is determined, owners will be contacted by the council and invited to submit an application. For large schemes this will be phased on a block/group basis.


Where an applicant has a contribution to pay towards the cost of the work; a cheque, made payable to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, should be given to the Grants Agency before the works are ordered.