Help to progress in your career

Maybe you want to make the most of your job and upskill to help you do it better.  Or are you looking for the next step and progression within your chosen career?

Progress in your job 

Skills Support 

Future Learn offer bespoke support and training for staff.  With a wide range of accredited and non-accredited programmes to suit all levels.  Take a look at their skills support for the workforce

Creative skills  

If your job needs you to have creative skills you can find ways to improve your creativity.  

Digital skills

  • Lloyds Bank Academy has online lessons to help you improve your digital skills, including making the most of social media, working with spreadsheets and understanding the digital world.  
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy can help you to learn digital skills to help you in your job.  
  • The Source Academy is offering free digital skills for adults over the age of 19.  You can complete a Level 1 Certificate in Digital Skills by emailing or calling on (0114) 2635691.
  • WISE Ability offers a range of digital courses including Certificate in Digital Skills and Certificate in Digital Skills for Work.

    To be eligible you must: be over 16, have a contract of employment (can be part-time, zero-hours or self-employed) or have recently been made redundant or be under threat of redundancy. 

Find a course 


Teaming up with the best online learning providers to help you make the most of your job.  Search their Skills for Tomorrow to see what's on offer.

Future Learn 

Learn with world-class universities and industry experts online, you can join for free and explore courses that are available.  


Independent Training Solutions (ITS) are offering:

National Careers Service

National Careers Service can help you to find the right course that suits you.  You can explore their skills toolkit to find a range of free courses.  

Northern College

Northern College are offering HIT courses in English, Maths, Digital and work skills. 

Northern College also offer Access to Higher Education diploma courses that are a fast track to university.  They will help you gain the qualifications you need in less than one year.  The courses offered include: 

  • Policing and Criminology 
  • Health Science Professions 
  • Computing 
  • Humanities and Social Science

Open University 

Search Open Learn from Open University to find free courses available to everyone.  

The Skills Toolkit 

Free courses including maths, computer essentials, personal growth and wellbeing, professional development, business and finance, digital design and marketing, computer science and coding.  Take an hour each week to study, search the Skills Toolkit to find a course right for you.  

Change your career

Careers Explorer 

Wanting to find a new job or fancy a career change? take a look at our career explorer.  


If you're thinking about changing your career and you're not sure where to start, the Indeed career guide has some great information and advice to help.  

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