About our Children Services

Barnsley Council prioritises Children Services and wants every child in the borough to achieve their full potential, to be safe and happy. We value highly the work of our social workers and the council have approved additional investment in our social workers, creating more posts to support social workers in the valuable work that they do. 

We're deeply committed to achieving the very best outcomes for vulnerable children and young people residing in the borough. Children and their families are at the centre of all that we do and our practice is underpinned by a strength based and relational model. This means supporting our social workers to develop relationships and to really know and understand children; to have the support to produce excellent assessment and analytical skills, apply evidence-based interventions and direct work, and develop the confidence and skills to make timely decisions and plans for children that will achieve positive and sustainable outcomes for their future.

We're an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ authority and remain highly aspirational to deliver ‘even better’ services and outcomes for children, young people and their families in the borough.

We have a very low rate of use of agency social workers and have a stable workforce ensuring consistency for children, alongside supporting our social workers to flourish. You'll receive regular supervision, appraisal, training and development opportunities, aimed at promoting positive outcomes for children and supporting your career development and progression.

What children and families in Barnsley say about us

"My social worker always listens and tires to solve my problems. She's kind to me and every time she says that she was going to do something, she actually did it."from a child

 "To be honest she listened to and did not judge, and she supported me." – from a child

 "I feel supported by my social worker in the issues in my family… things have got better from her working with me and my family." – from a child

 "She has always kept me informed, always contactable and felt she treated me as a normal personal, and basically my experience has been a great experience. She gave me the support I needed and advice; she was always there for me." – from a father

Our values

In Barnsley, we live and work by four important values: honesty, teamwork, excellent service, and taking pride in what we do.

As part of our team, you can be sure we’ll do all we can to support you in being truly excellent. We prioritise continuous learning and have created a development and progression pathway that supports your development.

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