Temporary pavement cafe licence due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Businesses can apply for a temporary pavement cafe consent. This is intended to help get business back up and running during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

This will:

  • last until 30 September 2021
  • allow businesses to place tables and chairs on the pavement for customer use. If you wish to serve alcohol you should contact the Council’s Regulatory Services on 01226 773555 
  • cost £100 (payment for permission to be granted)
  • not need planning permission or scaled architectural plans

Conditions of the scheme

Businesses must operate the pavement cafe in accordance with the national conditions for pavement licences.

Businesses must also operate the pavement cafe in accordance with the following local conditions:

Operating the service

  • core hours between 8am to 10pm (outside of these hours by consent only) and will be in line with current government legislation
  • have a plan in place to manage and restrict attendance
  • have a plan in place to manage circulation in and around premises
  • operate table service where possible
  • collect all details of people who attend the premises in line with current government requirements

Set up of outside area

  • keep within the shop frontage
  • provide pedestrian barriers with a lower tap-rail where possible
  • have enough space to set out tables and chairs  - must leave a minimum of 2 metres for pedestrians
  • no music, live broadcasts or sports commentary 
  • no barbecues, fire pits or naked flames
  • control / clear litter and debris in immediate area
  • the placement of items other than tables and chairs is prohibited, including structures, gazebos, patio heaters
  • remove all tables and chairs from the outside area, and thoroughly cleanse highway of all litter/debris within 30 minutes of maximum operating hours
  • the provision of tables and chairs on the highway will in no way adversely affect the setting of any listed building, conservation area or surrounding public area.


  • comply with government guidance on social distancing
  • comply with government guidance on PPE
  • have undertaken appropriate risk assessments 
  • supply copies of public liability insurance (minimum indemnity £5 million)
  • implement all other requirements from government regarding COVID-19
  • any item placed on the highway must be removed if requested under statutory powers.
  • licence holders must be prepared to move items if required for statutory undertakers and highway works

Licences will run until 30 September 2021.

Application process

  • Complete the online application form by clicking on the link below.

As part of the application you will be required to:

  • Produce and upload a plan including dimensions in metres, of the site to be occupied, including the location of any lighting columns, bollards, bins etc in the vicinity.
  • Upload a copy of your valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate (minimum £5 Million)
  • Confirm that reference is made to the pavement cafe area in your COVID-19 risk assessment for the premises concerned.
  • On the day that you submit your application, fill out a Site Notice and display this prominently in a public facing window of the premises concerned.
  • Pay the £100 application fee. Once your application has been submitted you will be contacted by a Council Officer to make payment of the £100 application fee, which must be paid by debit/credit card to validate the application.

The application will be published on the Council’s website for public consultation purposes.