Lieutenancy of South Yorkshire

The Lord-Lieutenant's uniform

Male Lord-Lieutenants wear a military-style uniform with a crimson and silver sash, scarlet stripes on the trousers (overalls) and a forage cap, with a scarlet band and gold embroidered badge with silver oak leaf embroidery on the peak.

They carry a sword with a Mameluke hilt and scimitar blade and wear boots with spurs.

Unlike male Lord-Lieutenants, who are uniformed, a lady Lord-Lieutenant wears a badge of office. 

The Deputy Lieutenant's uniform

Vice Lord-Lieutenants wear a uniform based on military No.1 Dress.  Male deputy lieutenants may choose to wear the same uniform.

A Sam Browne belt and sword complete the uniform and medals can be worn on certain occasions. 

Male Deputy Lieutenant Badge

Male Deputy Lieutenant's badge

In plain clothes, a male Deputy Lieutenant may wear a neck badge when representing the Lord-Lieutenant.

Female Deputy Lieutenant Badges

Female Deputy Lieutenant's badge

In plain clothes, a female Deputy Lieutenant may wear a badge on a Court Bow when representing the Lord-Lieutenant.

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