Lieutenancy of South Yorkshire

About the Flag and Crest

The Lord-Lieutenant's Flag was approved by King George V on 8 December 1910 and is in the form of a a Union Jack with a crown above a horizontal gold sword.

The Lord Lieutenant's Crest, Dieu et mon droit (God and my right) has generally been used as the motto of English and later British monarchs since being adopted by Henry V.

It was first used as a battle cry by King Richard I in 1198 at the Battle of Gisors, when he defeated the forces of Philip II of France and after he made it his motto.

The belief in medieval Europe was not that victory automatically went to the side with the better army but, as with personal trial by combat, to the side that God viewed with favour.


Hence, Richard wrote after his victory

"It is not us who have done it but God and our right through us."

So after his victories on the crusades, Richard was speaking what he believed to be the truth when he told the Holy Roman Emperor:

"I am born of a rank which recognises no superior but God."