Future Council 2020

We’re on a journey towards a more modern, efficient and business minded organisation through planned change, improvement and growth.

Our journey so far

Since 2013 when we started our Future Council initiative we’ve seen large scale innovation and improvements in the ways we work. We’ve also seen communities change, with so many people getting involved and helping in their local areas.

We’re stronger, more customer focused and more sustainable in the face of increasing pressures and reducing budgets.  However, there's more we need to do together.

Next steps

In the next few years you'll see Barnsley Council driving growth, helping the people most in need and helping local communities to thrive.

The way local government works is changing. In the future we’ll be responsible for generating more of our own income through business rates and council tax. By planning long term, we can understand and respond to future challenges. 

What will change?

Some changes you’ll see in coming years include:

  • Driving growth – investments to support changes and growth in high priority areas like our town centre development and motorway junction business parks
  • Early help - giving people the help they need as early as possible and supporting communities and residents to do more for themselves
  • Communities working together – recognising our community assets when we plan, design and deliver
  • Brexit - making the most of Brexit and managing any challenges
  • Technology – a digitally confident council and community, maximising the opportunities that technology brings
  • Improvement and growth fund – driving change through investment and innovation

Although financial austerity is still upon us, the opportunities to grow, to do things differently and to use new technology are really positive.

We’re tighter, stronger and more efficient, and these plans will see us continuing with the progress we’ve already made in creating a thriving and vibrant economy, helping people to achieve their potential and developing strong, resilient communities.

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