Little Houghton Parish Council

Little Houghton parish is centred around the villages of Little Houghton and Middlecliffe to the north-east of Barnsley. It has a population of 600.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. Please contact the clerk for more details.

Clerk to the council Caroline Donovan
92 Stockingate, South Kirkby, Pontefract WF9 3QX

Parish council members

  • Vincent Michael Keating
  • Gary Oldfield
  • Lisa Oldfield
  • Valerie Wistow
  • Diana Jean Young
  • Kevin J H Osborne

Minutes of meetings

 2015 2016  2017 2018 2019
27 April 22 February 27 February 14 May  7 January
18 May  AGM 31 May 4 May 4 June  6 May
6 July AGM Agenda 31 May AGM 19 June 9 July Agenda 3 June
28 September 19 September 18 September 1 October  
7 December 5 December 4 December    

Note: Barnsley Council doesn't necessarily endorse any opinion expressed in the parish council minutes.

Other documents

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19

Parish precept for 2018/19


Register of members' interests

You can see declarations from all parish councillors on our register of interests page.