Health and wellbeing

This information provides a picture of people’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle in Barnsley. It includes information on:

  • life expectancy
  • the main illnesses - known as long term conditions
  • lifestyle and behaviours - such as smoking
  • mental health and well-being

Where available, information is displayed for specific groups, such as older people and in local areas, such as wards. Overall, this data helps us to understand the main health inequalities across Barnsley.

The overall indices for Barnsley are published below.

You can see a breakdown of the data for each area council and ward here.

Health profiles

Document Date  
Health profile (BMBC) 2015
Health profile  (NHS) 2015
Child health (Public Health England) 2016 
National Child Measurement 2016
Oral health of children  2016

Healthy life expectancy

Document Date   
Healthy life expectancy (Barnsley) 2016
Life expectancy (Barnsley) 2016
Life expectancy (Ward) 2016

Healthy lifestyles

Document                                            Date
Alcohol 2016 
Healthy weight 2016
Smoking 2017

Health diseases

 Document                                            Date
Cancer 2016
Dementia 2016
Falls 2016
Musculoskeletal 2016
Tuberculosis 2016

Health mortality

Document                                       Date
Cancer 2016
Cardiovascular  2016
Respiratory  2016
Liver disease 2016

Health and wellbeing

Document                                     Date
Mental health 2016
Wellbeing Barnsley 2016
What about YOUth (WAY) survey 2016