Lifestyle and wider determinants

Health improvement and inequality continue to be a challenge for the borough and this is influenced by a number of factors outside the direct influence of health care.

The things that make us healthy include good work, education, resources, our physical environment and social connections.

As little as 10% of the population's health and well-being is linked to access to health care. We need to look at the bigger picture:

  • good work
  • our surroundings
  • money and resources
  • housing
  • education and skills
  • the food we eat
  • transport
  • family, friends and communities

In this section

Health care

  • Cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, NHS health checks, respiratory conditions and sensory impairment - sight loss.

Health improvement

  • Alcohol, excess weight, family centre two-year checks, infant feeding, physical activity, school readiness, sleep, smoking, under-18 conceptions and unintentional and deliberate injuries in children aged (0 to 4).

Health protection

  • Childhood vaccination statistics, HIV late diagnosis and seasonal flu vaccinations.

Wider determinants

  • SEND, air pollution, child poverty, gambling, road safety, social isolation and young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).