Town Spirit

Having a say on things that matter

You really can shape what happens in Barnsley by telling us how we can do things better and getting involved.

You have the knowledge and skills to help us find new solutions to Barnsley’s biggest challenges. By working closely with you, we can help you to understand and trust the work of the council. You can play a part in decision making and get involved in work to support your local area.

We’re trying to make it easier for you to see when and where you can have your say, and we want to get better at letting you know what actions we’ve taken based on your feedback.

Our commitment

  • Inform you - we'll give you more information using our website, social media, through community groups and our councillors

  • Consult you - we'll ask you for your opinion on issues that might affect you 

  • Involve you - we'll give you more of a say in the decisions we make

  • Give you more responsibility – we’ll help you to play a more active role in your community

  • Listen, learn and act on what you tell us

What you can do to help

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