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Make your mark 

What issues matter most to you?  Help decide what UK Youth Parliament should debate in the House of Commons. 

Any young person aged 11 to 18 can vote. Find out more about 'Make your mark' on the Youth Parliament UK website.

Work experience and equal pay for equal work

Quality work experience programmes and placements which provide young people with skills for life and further employment.

What we're doing

Working closely with the ‘More and Better Jobs' taskforce in Barnsley to develop and create an easier system for young people to refer to when trying to find and secure work placements and experience.

One of our current MYP’s, Dominic Jones, was also part of the government's youth select committee on work experience. He worked on consulting and developing a report and call for evidence. This contributed to the national campaign and findings, and will hopefully influence national policies. 

We're also campaigning for equal pay for equal work, looking at the issue of fairness and equality in the workplace. This was one of the top issues voted by young people in this year’s 'make your mark' ballot as being an important issue for young people locally and nationally.

Mental health

Greater mental health awareness and increased support services for young people.

What we're doing

Campaigning for awareness of, and support for, young people who have been referred to a specialist mental health service.

We're also looking at how to encourage our local schools to create more opportunities for young people to attend support groups before school, at lunch or after school. This will help them to get advice and support on their emotional wellbeing and help relieve exam stress and pressure. The idea of trained peer mentors and qualified mental health staff in schools was one of the things suggested to tackle this issue.

Ending knife crime

Create a safer Barnsley for all our young people.

What we're doing

We plan to work closely with South Yorkshire police and other agencies to make sure that young people's voices are heard on the issue of crime, safety and crime prevention more generally.


Better transport services for all young people, locally and regionally.

What we're doing

We're working closely with transport executives to influence decisions made about transport services. We're taking part in a consultation on young people’s passes and issues around reliability, accessibility and affordability.

We're part of a regional working group to develop a young people’s transport charter. This will set out the expectations of the local authority, transport providers, transport executives and young people. The charter will act as a benchmark and as a point of reference and principles for people to follow.

Votes @ 16

One of our national campaigns.

What we're doing

We've worked really hard to gain our local MP’s support on backing the bill to lower the voting age to 16.

The bill began its second reading debate on Friday 3 November 2017, but was interrupted. Second reading will now continue on a date to be announced.

It's a private member’s bill and you can find out more from its sponsor, Jim McMahon.

A curriculum to prepare us for life

Developing an education for young people which prepares them for their adult life.

What we're doing

We were part of the national government consultation which asked for young people’s opinions and suggestions on what they would like from PSHE as a subject in school. Over 142,000 young people voted for a Curriculum for Life.

The education system needs to do a lot more to prepare young people for life after school and college. We've been campaigning to raise awareness of this and to get public, professional and political support to make PSHE education statutory. From September 2019, schools will be required to teach relationship and sex education.



How we work

Youth councillors meet together in committees, to discuss and work on campaigns and to run the Youth Council.

There are committees for:

  • public profile 
  • monitoring and policy
  • local issues
  • regional issues
  • national issues

To find out more about the work that youth councillors do, contact the youth voice team or talk to a youth councillor at a school near you.

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