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Penistone community safety consultation

Youth councillors began working with a team in Penistone and visited the area to look at how they could work alongside them to help improve antisocial behaviour, specifically in one area. Community safety is one of the youth council campaigns.

After the area visit the youth councillors have begun creating a survey to look at how they can consult with young people in the area to get their feedback on the issues in the area and how they think they can be addressed.

The 4T’s project

Initially known as The Urban Tree Fund but then the name was voted on and chosen by the young people through a poll as The 4T’s (The Terrific Tree Task), at the beginning of March 2020 a joint bid with Remedi Restorative through the National Forestry Commission to turn an unused green space in Pogmoor into something for the community to use to promote looking after the environment and mental wellbeing. The young people from the Youth Council, SEND Forum, Care4Us Council got involved in helping to choose from a list of selected trees for the area including; birch, maple, willow and hazel, they also asked for some fruit trees. Throughout March they have planted over 450 trees following COVID restrictions with the help of the Youth Voice and Participation team and the expert help of Twiggs. The next stage is creating habitats and memorial benches for the site.  

4T's challenge

Anti-bullying strategy

In March the SEND Forum members and youth councillors have also been working jointly on reviewing the anti-bullying strategy to look at how it can be updated, made more young person accessible and brought into all educational settings. As bullying was a key issue at many meetings that young people have attended and has been highlighted as a key topic.

Mental health focus groups in Locke Park

In March our mental health lead led sessions in Locke Park to discuss how young people’s mental health has been affected not only recently by COVID but over the past few years growing up, positively and negatively. Young people openly discussed their experiences and talked about the best ways they thought they could share these experiences with others to help reduce mental health stigma but also make decision-makers aware of how young people are impacted. These were great outdoor sessions and great discussions were had around a sensitive topic.

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How we work

Youth councillors meet together in committees, to discuss and work on campaigns and to run the Youth Council.

We have three committee's which are the:

  • Communications Committee
  • Campaigns Committee
  • Campaigns Working Group

To find out more about the work that youth councillors do, contact the youth voice team or talk to a youth councillor at a school near you.

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