List of our websites

We have around 20 separate websites, designed to help you talk to us online and we are working to bring to them all together into one place.

We are a rather complex organisation with many departments, and it's important that we make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your business with us online. We understand that an ever increasing number of you would choose to use our websites as your preferred way of contacting us.  We also know that you want to do so not just on your computer, but on your smart phone, digital television and even on kiosks in our service centres.

We are therefore working hard to make sure that you can access all of our 700+ services online. We call our overall web presence Barnsley Council Online and it is made up of the following individual websites, some of which are provided by our partners and suppliers:

When we say 'use' our services, we mean being able to read about them, apply to use them, pay for them if necessary, report any problems with them and track the progress of any follow up actions that are needed. So, for example, you might read about our pest control service, apply to have a wasps nest removed, pay the appropriate charge and then monitor the status of the work, ie booked, completed, more work needed, etc.

We have a strong social media presence, with two primary accounts - Facebook and Twitter - as well as a number of service, function, project or site specific social media pages, which are listed below:



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