The definitive map and statement

All formal public rights of way in Barnsley are recorded on our definitive map and statement.

The map shows the location and status of routes and provides evidence of the public's rights to use them. The statement gives written details of the paths - recording surface types, widths and stiles, steps, bridges, gates etc.

We're legally required to keep the map under continuous review and to make modifications where there is evidence that routes should be added, re-graded or deleted. You can view working copies of the public rights of way map and statement online.

Other routes that aren't recorded on the definitive map and statement may also have public rights of access. These can be established through use over time and/or historical records, so we recommend that any routes which appear to be used by the public are taken into consideration, even if they don't have a recorded legal status.

Ask us to modify the definitive map 

The definitive map can only be amended by a legal order and affected landowners and the public are given an opportunity to make representations before this can happen. 

If you think there's an error on the map or that a route is missing, and you have the evidence to prove your claim, you can ask for the map to be amended by applying for a definitive map modification order (DMMO) free of charge.

Read our guidance notes on applying for a DMMO and then fill in our enquiry form to ask for an application.