Overview of our Statutory Development Plan

We currently have a Statutory Development Plan and will use this to make planning decisions until the Local Plan is adopted in the summer of 2017. The Statutory Development Plan is made up of a number of key documents. 

One of the main documents, the Core Strategy, sets out long term strategic policies for Barnsley’s development and shows what sort of a place we want Barnsley to become. It’s also used  to help us make decisions on planning applications.  It will be replaced by the Local Plan once it’s agreed.

The Unitary Development Plan contains both borough wide development strategies and specific policies for development in different areas as well as detailed maps. 

The Joint Waste Plan is another important part of the Statutory Development Plan. It was created in partnership with Doncaster and Rotherham councils and runs until 2026.  It shows how we will deal with waste across the boroughs, and it’ll run alongside the Local Plan when it comes into force.

Finally, the Education Sites Development Plan gives details of land which was allocated for new schools in the borough. It’ll also run alongside the Local Plan when it comes into force.

There are also a number of other plans, policies and strategies which make up the current Statutory Development Plan, including previous planning development framework documents. 

Please contact us if you need a paper copy of a plan, we charge a fee to cover our costs.