Design of housing development supplementary planning document (SPD) consultation

The Local Plan, adopted on 3 January 2019, contains policies to be considered when determining planning applications. Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) contain further advice and explain how these policies will be applied.

A number of SPDs were adopted following the adoption of the Local Plan, including the design of housing development SPD. Amendments are proposed to update this document and clarify some issues to improve its implementation.

We're asking for your views on the revised design of housing development SPD during the four week consultation period running from Monday 3 October to Monday 31 October 2022 . Comments received will be considered when drafting the final version. 

Summary of proposed changes

Building for Life

Building for Life 12 was used at the time the SPD was produced. Building for Life is the scheme to assess how well designed new homes and neighbourhoods are.

This has been updated and is called Building for a Healthy Life. It's proposed to update the SPD with the latest terminology to reflect the changes.


Since the SPD was adopted the council has commissioned a new Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2021.  This assessment included a recommendation that 'given the ageing population of the area and the identified levels of disability amongst the population, it is recommended that 6% of new dwellings are built to wheelchair accessible M4(3) standard, and a minimum of 25.6% all new dwellings are built to M4(2) accessible and adaptable standard.'

A new accessibility section (section 6) has been added to this effect.

Definition of large dwellings

At paragraph 8.2 clarification has been added that a dwelling is considered to be large and therefore protected by Local Plan policy H9 if it has four bedrooms or more. This was the original intention of the SPD, however at present the wording says four or five bedrooms.

Design of residential car parking or garages

Amendments are proposed to section 12 to remove reference to Building for Life and provide further clarity in relation to the design of car parking or garages.

Landscape design

Amendments are proposed to section 14 in light of changes to the National Planning Policy Framework and its new requirement for tree-lined streets.  

Recycling/waste provision

Additional text proposed in section 19 referencing the requirement, set out in policy WCS7 of the Joint Waste Plan, for waste management plans for all developments except minor planning applications.

Conversions of buildings to residential development

Amendments are proposed to section 28 with an additional section 27 created to clarify guidance in relation to the conversion of buildings to different categories of residential dwellings.  

Read and comment on the document

The revised document contains the SPD with the proposed changes highlighted. Deletions are struck through in black and additions shown in red and underlined.

A paper copy of the document is available at Library @ the Lightbox, 1 The Glass Works, Barnsley, S70 1GW and at all branch libraries during their normal opening hours.

You can comment on the document by filling in our online form.

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Please use one method of reply only to avoid duplication of representations.

All comments must be received by 5pm on Monday 31 October 2022.

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