Local Plan Examination library

You can read the main submission documents for the Local Plan Examination, background papers and previous consultation documents by selecting them from the tables below. 

Main submission documents

Reference Document title
SD2 Local Plan Publication Draft 2016 
SD3 Local Plan Publication Draft Policies Map Book 2016
SD4 Sustainability Appraisal Publication 2016
Extracts from SD4 relating to Stage 3 Hearing Discussions on Housing & Employment Site Selection Methodologies
Addendum to Sustainability Appraisal
Examination Consultation Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment Addendum (Link to Stage 4 documents)
Proposed Main Modifications Sustainability Appraisal
SD5 Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report February 2014
SD6 Guidance notes for Publication comments form 2016
SD7 Publication comments form 2016
SD8 Statement of Consultation Submission 2016
Representation Lists
SD9 Regulation 19 Statement of Representations 2016
SD1 and SD10 Representations received pursuant to Regulation 20 (including petitions)
Representations made on the Sustainability Appraisal Publication 2016
SD11 Local Plan Publication 2016 Late Representations
Local Plan 2016 Late Representations Addendum V1.1 
Local Plan 2016 Late Representations Addendum V1.2
Local Plan 2016 Late Representations Addendum V1.3
Local Plan 2016 Late Representations Addendum V1.4
SD12 Statement of Representations Procedure Publication 2016
Examination Consultation Statement of Representations Procedure 2018 (Link to Stage 4 documents)
SD13 Statement of Community Involvement  September 2006
SD14 Statement of Community Involvement 2015
SD15 Duty to Cooperate Statement Submission December 2016
Addendum to SD15 Duty to Co-operate Submission Statement (May 2017)
Letter from Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership to BMBC dated 02.05.17
BMBC and Highways England Joint Position Statement
SD16 Habitats Regulations Assessment Submission 2016
Examination Consultation Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum (Link to Stage 4 documents)
SD17 Equality Impact Assessment Publication 2016
SD18 Health Impact Assessment Screening Publication 2016
SD19 Local Development Scheme July 2015 (this document has now been updated and can be downloaded from the Barnsley Local Plan page)
SD20 Local Plan Timetable Update Report to Cabinet 9 April 2014
SD21 Local Development Scheme November 2007
SD22 Viability Study Submission December 2016
SD23 Proposed Site Allocations and Flood Risk Sequential Test 2016
SD25 Annual Monitoring Report December 2016
SD26 Consultation letter templates
SD27 Local Plan Publication Version Consultation and Submission for Examination Cab.18.5.2016
SD28 PAS Local Plan Legal Compliance Checklist 2017
SD29 PAS Local Plan Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist 2017

Local Plan Minor Modifications (v1.1)

Local Plan Minor Modifications (v1.2)

Local Plan Minor Modifications (v1.3)

Policy Revisions in Light of the Inspector's Comments May 2017 [Final]

Local Plan Minor Modifications (v1.4)

Local Plan Minor Modifications (v1.5)

Background papers

Reference Document title
BP1 Strategy Paper 2016
BP2 Green Belt and Safeguarded Land Background Paper 2016
BP3 Local Plan Housing Background Paper Version 2 [March 2017]
Local Plan Housing Background Paper Version 3 [January 2018]
BP4 Housing Trajectory (Appendix to Housing Background Paper) 2016
BMBC030 - Examination Consultation Housing Trajectory Update (Link to Stage 4 documents)
BP5 Local Plan Submission Background Paper: Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople  2016
BP6 Employment Background Paper 2016
BP7 Transport Background Paper 2016
BP8 Examination Consultation BMBC Background Paper 8 - Stage 4 - Work arising from Inspector's Interim Findings (Link to Stage 4 documents)

Previous consultation documents

Reference Document title
EB1 DSAP 2012 Summary of Representations
EB2 Local Plan Consultation Draft 2014
EB3 Local Plan Consultation Draft Map Booklet 2014
Town Centre Inset Maps
EB4 Sustainability Appraisal Consultation draft 2014
EB5 Local Plan Additional Consultation 2015
EB6 Sustainability Appraisal Additional Consultation Addendum 2015