Stage 4 documents

The documents below have been issued or received at Stage 4 of the Local Plan Examination. 

Pre-stage 4 documents

Reference Document title Date
OP036 Letter from Keep It Green to Inspector 1 February 2018
ID032 Letter from Inspector to Keep It Green 5 February 2018
OP037 Letter from Keep It Green to Inspector 19 February 2018
ID033 Letter to KIG from Inspector 23 February 2018
ID034 Stage 4 Hearing Programme - subject to change 12 April 2018
ID035 MM10 - 15 Follow Up Items from Stage 3  10 April 2018

Stage 4 documents

Reference Document title Submitted by Date


Stage 4 agendas:

17 April - MM16 & MM17

18 April - MM18

19 April - MM19, MM20 & MM21

20 April - MM20

24 April - MM20 & MM21

25 April - MM22


12 April 2018


Council update concerning sites EC6 and EC7 at Oxspring


12 April 2018


BMBC Opening Statement 


17 April 2018


J37 Chronology follow up item 27

  16 April 2018


Letter to BMBC re EC6 & EC7

Oxspring Parish Council 16 April 2018


Submission relating to H82 - buffer zone

PB Planning/Yorkshire Land 16 April 2018


KIG - Examples of long term industrial and commercial site and building availability in Barnsley

Keep it Green 17 April 2018


Proposed supporting text for policy H7

PB Planning 18 April 2018


John Wade hearing statement

John Wade 19 April 2018


Note from the Council re site P2

BMBC 19 April 2018


Paul Butler policy LG2 proposed wording

PB Planning 19 April 2018


Proposed modification to policy LG2

CPRE 19 April 2018


URS Oxspring independent housing needs assessment

YLL letter to Paula Tweed

PB Planning/Yorkshire Land 19 April 2018


Cllr Butterworth statement and photograph relating to highway access for EC9

Cawthorne Parish Council 20 April 2018


Paragraph clarification relating to draft Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan

Yorkshire Land 23 April 2018


Keep It Green response to BMBC041 


Keep It Green 24 April 2018


Brett Thompson stage 4 electronic statement

Brett Thompson 24 April 2018


Council response to Miss Baker re site EC13 at Broomhill

BMBC 24 April 2018


Council note on five year supply alternative methods and buffers

BMBC 24 April 2018


Keep Silkstone Common Green mitigation proposals for EC11 in Silkstone Common

Keep Silkstone Common Green 24 April 2018


Note from BMBC to Cllr Butterworth relating to Cawthorne Settlement Assessment update

BMBC 24 April 2018


Cllr Butterworth response to BMBC

Cawthorne Parish Council 24 April 2018


Site P2 and Millstones Green Belt review boundary clarification

PB Planning 24 April 2018


SD30 - modifications document v1.5

BMBC 24 April 2018


Paul Butler Statement MM22 


PB Planning

24 April 2018


Response to mitigation proposals for EC11 raised by Keep Silkstone Common Green

Susan Crowley 25 April 2018


Pam Gosnay Staincross Alliance statement

Pam Gosnay 25 April 2018


Neil Wilson Staincross Alliance statement

Neil Wilson 26 April 2018


Greenbelt Review Table, site map of SAF5, notes and images 

Reasons for rejection SHLAA sites

Ann Gibson 30 April 2018


Gordon Jacobs Statement Stage 4 - Rockingham Colliery Cricket Club

Gordon Jacobs 9 May 2018


Keep It Green note to Inspector re MM50

Keep It Green 9 May 2018


Historic maps relating to site H73:
1838 Tithe Commutation Survey
Map showing loss of enclosure boundaries compared to 1838 basemap
OS First Edition map of site H73
Detail from OS First Edition map of site H73 1850

BMBC 8 May 2018


Barnsley Regional Econometric Model Note
Appendix 1 REM Data
Appendix 2 Experian Note

BMBC 16 May 2018


2016 Stage 4 Wildlife Document

Keep It Green 22 May 2018


Letter to Council post Stage 4 hearings

  24 May 2018


BMBC response following close of Stage 4 hearings

  30 May 2018


Note from Inspector to Council

  7 June 2018


Stage 4 Final Hearing Programme

BMBC 2 July 2018

Examination Consultation documents

Reference Document title Date
BMBC038 Examination Consultation Notification Letter 29 January 2018
ID029 Stage 4 Examination Briefing Note 29 January 2018
ID030 Stage 4 Matters, Issues and Questions 29 January 2018
ID031 Stage 4 Draft Hearing Programme 29 January 2018
BP8 Examination Consultation BMBC Background Paper 8 - Stage 4 - Work arising from Inspector's Interim Findings 29 January 2018
SD4 Examination Consultation Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessment Addendum 29 January 2018
EB49 Examination Consultation Proposed Site Plans 29 January 2018

Local Plan Examination Proposed Housing Site Assessments by Allocation
460 Land off Mount Vernon Road
957 Land at Hall Farm
EC3 Land North of Shafton
476 Land off New Road
EC1 Land to the North of Staincross
EC5 Land between Stead Lane and Sheffield Road Hoyland Common
EC6 Land East of Sheffield Road Oxspring
EC8 Land off Roughbirchworth Lane
EC9 Land North of Darton Road
EC10 Land off High Street
EC11 Land at Silkstone Common
EC12 Land off Cote Lane 
EC13 Everill Gate Farm 
H79 Land North of Wood Walk 
SAF22 Land North of Halifax Road

29 January 2018
SD16 Examination Consultation Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum 29 January 2018
BP4 BMBC030 - Examination Consultation Housing Trajectory Update 29 January 2018
SD12 Examination Consultation Statement of Representations Procedure 2018 29 January 2018