Eldon High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ)

The Eldon Street High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is a four-year partnership project between Barnsley Council and Historic England. It is one of 68 HSHAZ schemes across the county, and one of only nine in Yorkshire and the North East. The scheme will run until the end of March 2024.

What is the HSHAZ for?

The Eldon Street HSHAZ will help to restore historic buildings on the west side of Eldon Street, between Regent Street and the junction of Market Hill. This part of the street is within the Regent Street, Church Street and Market Hill conservation area.

The Heritage Action Zone project will:

  • Improve the physical condition of one of Barnsley’ most important historic high streets and improve visitor flow and connectivity in the town.
  • Create a new social and cultural hub around the historic entrance to the Civic and reconnect with local communities.
  • Contribute to a sustainable model for future growth and development of the high street and wider town centre
  • Involve local communities, stakeholders and young people in the programme.

The scheme will fund conservation repairs to key historic buildings through grants to building owners, and support works to bring upper floorspace back into commercial use. Building owners wanting to bring upper floorspace back into use will need to complete a business case to show that the planned future use is viable.

Get involved

The HAZ will also deliver a range of engagement and consultation activities with local people and businesses, working with Barnsley Archives and Barnsley Museums, as well as other local partners, to help to explore and celebrate the heritage and stories of this important part of Barnsley town centre.

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Competition time

The competitions have now closed.

History Hunt answers

Question 1: What is the lady to the left of Henry Harvey holding in her hand?

Answer: A painters’ palette

Question 2: How many business use this building today?

Answer: Five (correct in March 2021)

Question 3: Can you spot the YPB initials anywhere?

Answer: Yes – above the door

Question 4: What year did shops start trading here?

Answer: 1891 (written on a plaque in the pavement)

Question 5: How many faces does the clock have?

Answer: Three (one facing each way along Eldon Street, and one facing the road)

Question 6: How many times does the chequerboard pattern appear?

Answer: Three

Question 7: How many lions can you spot guarding the former Queens Hotel?

Answer: Three

Question 8: How many windows overlooking Eldon Street?

Answer: 12 (the others overlook the Victorian Arcade)

Question 9: What business uses the building now?

Answer: Globe Holidays

Question 10: What year was the building built?

Answer: 1910 (carved in stone at the top of the building)

Eldon Street quiz through time answers

Question 1: What year did the station open on Eldon Street?

Answer: 1850 

Question 2: Which of these acts were not performed at Charles Adams’ circus on Eldon Street in the 1870s?

Answer: Performing elephants. Charles Adam’s circus had stables for up to 30 horses, and many of the acts performed on horseback, alongside clowns and acrobats.

Question 3: Can you list some of the many uses of the Barnsley Mechanics Institute and Public Hall (now The Civic) which opened on Eldon Street in 1877?

Answer: School of art, museum, public library, concert hall, reading rooms, cinema, shops

Question 4: Benjamin Harral, jeweller and clockmaker, opened his Eldon Street shop in 1898. What gift was given to every couple buying wedding rings?

Answer: An engraved bread knife 

Question 5: What joined in the Peace Day parade along Eldon Street in 1919?

Answer: A military tank 

Question 6: What type of photography was Warner Gothard famous for?

Answer: Portraits and postcards. With his siblings, working from their studio on Eldon Street, he pioneered the ‘montage’ postcard which became very popular in the early 20th century. In his later career he also worked as a royal photographer.   

Question 7: What year did the Gaumont Cinema reopen on Eldon Street?

Answer: 1956 

Question 8: A. Porter and Sons department store (now Lesley Francis) traded on Eldon Street from the 1890s until the late 1930s. What was A. Porter’s first name?

Answer: Ann. Ann Porter set up business with her sons after her husband’s death.  

Question 9: Which famous DJs used to play at Dolly’s on Eldon Street?

Answer: Stephanie Hirst

Question 10: What year did Library @ the Lightbox, on the corner of Eldon Street and Kendray Street, open?

Answer: 2019