This project will improve the highways and enable two key areas of employment land along the M1 Junction 36 / A6195 Dearne Valley Economic Growth Corridor to be created. 

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Phase 1: Hoyland

Work package one: highway improvements

This road improvement scheme on the A61 Birdwell Roundabout at M1 Junction 36 was completed in summer 2017. The work was completed by Lumsden and Carroll Civil Engineering, part of Esh Construction, on behalf of Barnsley Council.

Birdwell junction

The project will open up and accelerate the development of:

  • 23.37 hectares of previously allocated employment land
  • 110.6 hectares of recently allocated new employment land at Hoyland, through the adoption of the local plan in January 2019
  • 72.9 hectares of new employment land at Goldthorpe, through the adoption of the local plan in January 2019

Between them, these sites have the potential to generate up to 6500 (net) new jobs in the area.

Legal agreements between Barnsley Council and landowners/commercial development partners are in place to enable commercial floorspace to be developed from 2018 onwards. This will bring in around £39m of private sector investment.

Work package two and three: Harworth

A ground breaking ceremony on Friday 2 October marked the beginning of phases two and three of the development works at Gateway 36 on the Dearne Valley Parkway.  The area was classified as employment land as part of Barnsley Council's Local Plan which was adopted in 2019.

Gateway 36 ground breaking ceremony

The works are being organised by the Harworth Group following the completion of their first phase of units which has occupiers including the Environment Agency and the Car Depot.

The site covers 28.6ha of land straddling both sides of the Dearne Valley Parkway, with permission granted for a development up to 102,193sqm of employment units for uses including light and general industrial use, as well as storage and distribution.

View a plan of the proposed development.

The development is partly funded through the Sheffield City Region Infrastructure Fund (SCRIF). More details on the development can be found on Planning Explorer.

Phase 2: Goldthorpe

New access/roundabout located off the A635 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe

The new access/roundabout will provide access to the new employment site (ES10).

This was outlined in the masterplan framework for Goldthorpe, adopted by Full Council on 30 September 2021 and will support the work of the Towns Fund projects.

Planning approval for the scheme was granted on 15 February 2022.

This scheme will support the work of the Goldthorpe Towns Fund Deal, which is subject to full approval by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) that will start this year.

Find out more about the Goldthorpe Towns Fund Deal.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the new access/roundabout to be located off the A635 Barnsley Road, South of the Dearne Valley Parkway?

The construction of the new access/roundabout to be located off the A635 Barnsley Road, will facilitate access into the 2019 adopted Local Plan allocated employment site reference ES10 which was outlined in the Masterplan Framework for Goldthorpe (ES10), and adopted by the Council on 30 September 2021.  

The scheme is much more than a highways scheme; it will play a major part in Barnsley’s wider economic regeneration and growth, helping to contribute to the delivery of the borough’s Local Plan. The local plan supports the aim to:

  • create more and better jobs, providing better and more employment opportunities
  • create new housing
  • improve earnings
  • increase opportunities for residents while protecting what is special about the borough

The council will work with developers and land owners to deliver the Masterplan Framework, to establish  the infrastructure requirements and deliver sustainable and inclusive growth.

Why is the scheme necessary

The construction of the new access/roundabout will support/facilitate the delivery of  the ES10 employment site, which will deliver around 73 hectares of employment land, positively impacting on the economic wellbeing of residents by providing new and additional jobs. There will also be temporary new construction jobs created as part of delivering the new access/roundabout. 

How does the project link to the recently completed improvements at Cathill, Broomhill and Wath Road roundabout?

The completion of the highway infrastructure improvements to the three existing roundabouts will provide support to the delivery of the ES10 employment site, by ensuring any additional traffic generated will be kept to a minimum and reduce traffic congestion.

Have any wildlife/nature/environmental surveys been carried out?

Wildlife and natural environment surveys have been completed by specialists on behalf of the council. 

These results were used during the design of the scheme to ensure the wildlife/nature/environment requirements in the local area are safeguarded during design and during delivery. 

View these surveys on the 2021/1511 planning application available through Planning Explorer.

Are any trees being removed and will they be replaced?

The removal of some trees is necessary as part of the scheme, however, the council is working closely with an arboriculturist to keep tree removal to a minimum.

The arboricultural impact assessment can be viewed on the 2021/1511 planning application available through Planning Explorer. 

The impact of the removal of trees will be reduced through a landscape scheme which will lessen the proposed losses without causing harm to the local landscape. An arboricultural method statement report has been completed for the scheme to assist with tree protection throughout the works.

The planning application Ref: 2021/1511, was approved on 15 February 2022, by the planning regulatory board. When did the project receive planning permission approval?

Full details of the application can be found on the 2021/1511 planning application available through Planning Explorer. 

The project received cabinet approval in March 2019 as per the approved Strategic Growth Clusters update Cabinet report (Cab.20.3.2019/17)

What are the timescales for the project?

Initial vegetation pre-construction works are likely to start during the week of the 21 February 2022 to minimise the impact on bird nesting season, with the main construction works being carried out by the council’s Highways and Engineering Service afterwards, subject to the discharge of planning conditions.

It is envisaged that the work will be completed by March 2023.

Who will be delivering the works?

The vegetation / pre construction works will be undertaken by a sub contractor and they will be managed by the council’s Highway and Engineering Service. The main construction works will be carried out by the council’s Highways and Engineering Service.

How is the scheme funded?

The scheme will be part funded by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and part funded from the Goldthorpe Towns Fund Deal, provided by Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

What will be the benefits once the scheme is completed?

  • It will ensure the road network has the capacity to accommodate any future traffic growth that could arise from the development of the local plan allocated employment site ES10, located off the A635 at Goldthorpe.
  • It will ultimately help to facilitate more and better jobs, improve earnings through increased income levels, increase opportunities for local residents which will have a positive impact on the economic resilience and wellbeing of the local area and wider region
  • It will strengthen economic growth and attract more businesses to the area.
  • It will help grow opportunities for current Barnsley businesses.

How will the scheme benefit Barnsley residents?

We’re committed to making Barnsley a better place to live, work, invest and visit; meeting our residents’ needs alongside growing Barnsley’s economy.

The scheme will contribute to the priorities of the recently completed Council Plan 2021 to 2024, which has been underpinned by the work of the Barnsley 2030 project:


The project will facilitate new employment opportunities and improve active travel and connectivity linking to the ES10 masterplan framework as a primary focus.


The project will attract new employment opportunities to the ES10 site and provide a strong foundation to bring additional opportunities to the wider towns fund employment sites. This investment will help to deliver the Council vision of "Barnsley is a place of possibilities."  

Enterprising Barnsley will also work with the council's Education and Skills department, Barnsley College and the end commercial occupier(s) to develop apprenticeship and training opportunities.


The project will help the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) to achieve new and additional jobs because it is providing a new access to the ES10 employment site.


The new access/roundabout is being delivered to provide access to the ES10 employment site and will encourage developers/contractors and end commercial users to develop and invest in the site. This in turn will provide opportunities for the council to meet their objective to achieve zero carbon by 2045.

Enabling Barnsley

This is the underlying priority to ensure that our council is modern, inclusive, efficient, productive and high performing.

The delivery of the project will enable and support the site to be de-risked, making it an extremely attractive commercial development opportunity.

Read the Council Plan 2021 to 2024

What organisations have been involved in the scheme?

  • South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA)
  • Department for Levelling Up Homes and Communities (DLUHC)
  • Ecological professional practices
  • RSPB
  • Traffic modelling specialists
  • Air and noise specialists
  • Drainage specialists
  • Geotechnical specialist
  • Flood risk specialists

How will the council ensure the works are completed in the safest way?

Temporary traffic management (such as temporary traffic lights; lane closures and road closures) will be required to minimise risk to the workforce and general public. As a result, some delays are to be expected. 

To ensure that these works are delivered safely some evening and early morning work will be required, and because of the nature of the works there may be a requirement for temporary road closures. This would always be kept to an absolute minimum. Advance notification of any closures will be provided, by provision of on site signage. There will also be notifications, should road closures be required and the information will be provided on the Barnsley Council website and through the council’s social media channels.

Where possible every effort will be made to minimise any disruption and the local authority apologises for any inconvenience caused during the works. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience in this matter while we carry out these crucial highway improvements.

Who can be contacted at the Council regarding any queries about the scheme?

Ms Suzanne Brough,
Senior Major Projects Officer
Telephone: 01226 773290

E mails can also be sent to:

Plan of the site and letter to residents

Site plan

Goldthorpe Roundabout ES10 plan

Letter to residents

A letter outlining the plans including the above diagram has been sent to residents. You can view a copy of the letter to residents here.

Traffic management

2-way temporary traffic lights will be required for 3 weeks from the 21 February 22, to provide safe working while the initial vegetation pre-construction works are undertaken. 

Advanced signage will be place from Thursday 17 February.

Improvements to Cathill, Broomhill and Wath Road roundabouts

Barnsley Council carried out major improvement works to the Cathill, Broomhill and Wath Road roundabouts along the M1 Junction 36: A6195/A635 Dearne Valley, Economic Growth Corridor scheme.

The works increased the sizes of the three existing roundabouts and widened the lane approaches and exits to reduce existing traffic congestion at peak times. A grant of £7.32million was confirmed in early 2019 by Sheffield City Region from the Local Growth Fund (LGF) to help carry out the works.

The scheme was required in order to:

  • Make sure the road network has the capacity to accommodate any future traffic growth from the development of the local plan allocated employment site ES10, located off the A635 at Goldthorpe.
  • Reduce the amount of standing traffic.
  • Improve pedestrian and cycling safety through new shared-use routes, and providing designated crossing facilities.
  • Help improve the environment and quality of our residents' lives by improving traffic flow and reducing existing traffic congestion in the A6195 and A635 areas. This was achieved by improving the three existing roundabouts: Cathill, Broomhill and Wath Road.
  • Assist in supporting the development of 72.9ha of employment land identified as site reference ES10 in Barnsley’s Local Plan, helping to bring new jobs to the area. This follows on from Full Council adoption of the Local Plan on Thursday 3 January 2019.

Improvement work has now been carried out on all three roundabouts.

You can read more about the highway and roundabout improvements to unlock further economic growth for the Dearne Valley, and read the Goldthorpe economic growth corridors FAQs.

See full details of the Goldthorpe Masterplan Framework here.

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Funding

The Goldthorpe access roundabout scheme is being delivered by Barnsley Council and the land assembly and preparation works are being part funded by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) is led by Mayor of South Yorkshire Dan Jarvis, and brings together the local authorities of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield and the private sector through its Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). SYMCA has powers and resources, devolved from Westminster to South Yorkshire, to take decisions locally about the region’s economy, transport, skills, housing, and infrastructure.

SYMCA’s vision is to grow an economy that works for everyone. To unlock the potential of South Yorkshire people, businesses and places and ensure they prosper. To develop inclusive and sustainable approaches that build on South Yorkshire’s strengths in innovation and embrace the UK’s 4th Industrial Revolution. To contribute more to the country’s prosperity and enhance quality of life for all.

SYMCA’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) provides the blueprint for how to transform the region. To keep people and businesses moving and to help them grow, delivering a public transport network and attracting investment to create a stronger, greener, fairer South Yorkshire by 2040.

For more information visit South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.  You can also contact them by email or on (0114) 220 3400.

Further information

Funding breakdown

The total investment the scheme is £57.03m.

This is made up of:

  • Sheffield City Region investment funding (SCRIF): £15.7m
  • total other public sector investment: £1.393m from Highways England and £165k from Barnsley Council
  • total private investment: £39.76m

SCRIF contribution as percentage of total scheme investment: 27.5%


You can provide feedback about the scheme by visiting our complaints and compliments page.

All feedback received is fully appreciated and will contribute to shaping any similar schemes that may be delivered in the future.

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