Town Spirit

Projects similar to Principal Towns have worked well in other parts of the country.

You can find out more about some of these in the examples below.

Aldershot shop front scheme - Hampshire

Aldershot's council invited landlord and shop owners to apply for grants of up to £10,000 each to help with the cost of shop front improvements.

Eight saw fantastic improvements including repainting, repairing of historic features and new signage.

Find out about Barnsley's shop front improvement schemepart of the Principal Towns project.

Harrow town centre - London

New paving, benches, planting, signage and lighting have been introduced through a redesign of Harrow town centre to make it a more resilient and inviting place.

Find out more about the Harrow town centre scheme.

Lockerbie public realm improvements - Scotland

The public realm project in Lockerbie created an imaginative new urban public space and provided a focal point for the high street.

A highlight of the space includes sculptures of sheep to link with Lockerbie’s agricultural past.

Find out more about the Lockerbie public realm improvements.

Winter Garden pop up shop - Sheffield

In 2015 a group of Sheffield artists and designers joined together to fill an empty shop unit in Sheffield Winter Garden. After a successful month over Christmas they decided to take the unit on permanently.

This has now grown into a vibrant offering of Sheffield's creative talent only selling items by makers and artists living in Sheffield.

Find out more about the Winter Garden pop up shop in Sheffield.

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