Mi Card travel passes

Mega Travel Mi Card       

If you live in Barnsley and are aged 5-16 you can travel on buses within Barnsley for 60p per journey using a Mi Card. It also entitles you to a discount on buses and trains in the rest of South Yorkshire. The card expires at the end of the school year in which you are 16.   

Mi Card for over 16s      

If you're aged 16-18 and live in Barnsley you can apply for a standard Mi Card. It also entitles you to 60p travel on buses within Barnsley and discounted travel on bus journeys from Barnsley to other South Yorkshire districts.   

Apply for a Mi Card      

You can apply for, renew or replace a Mi Card using our online form below.  If you've lost your Mi Card there's a £5 charge to replace it. When you've completed  the form you'll need to go to your local library to confirm your age and your address, to complete your application. We accept the following documents as proof:   

  • bank statement
  • official letter
  • passport
  • driving licence       

If you don't have some of the above forms of identify, and you're under 15, you can use documents from your parent or guardian.  


Please note that both the Mega Travel Mi Card and Mi Card for over 16s will come to an end on 31 March 2017.  Existing card holders will be able to continue to access discounted travel up to this time, but new cards issued will only be valid up to 31 March 2017.  Applications for replacement cards will remain at £5.

You can read more about Mi Cards and other discounted travel for young people on the Travel South Yorkshire website.      

Please also read the terms and conditions for using a Mi Card before you start your application.