Wall maintenance

We own, maintain and repair retaining walls that support the borough’s roads.

A retaining wall is where the ground level on one side of the wall is higher than the other.

We’re not responsible for looking after:

  • retaining walls on private land
  • boundary walls (where the ground level on both sides of the wall is the same)

Report a damaged retaining wall

You can report a damaged wall using the online form below.

Filling in the form

Please make sure you tell us:

  • the exact location, including road name and district
  • whether it’s close to a numbered property, church, shop or road junction
  • your name and telephone number in case we need to contact you

What happens next

We’ll respond to your report as soon as we can.

Someone will inspect the site to determine whether the damaged wall is a safety issue or a non-urgent problem that we can add to our longer term maintenance programme.

We’ll let you know what action we decide to take.