South Yorkshire Governance

About us

The Doncaster Sheffield Airport Consultative Committee is the forum via which the management of Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited interacts and exchanges information and ideas with:
  • communities in the vicinity of the airport
  • local authorities
  • local business representatives
  • other airport users and interested parties
The committee has been facilitated by the South Yorkshire Joint Authorities Governance Unit (JAGU) since 2005. South Yorkshire JAGU officers are the appointed secretaries to the committee and are responsible for servicing all meetings.

Our role

The role of the committee is: 

  • To foster communication and build understanding between the airport, its users, local residents and the business community.
  • To stimulate the interest of the local population in the development of the airport.
  • To consider the impact of the airport operation on the environment, surface access, employment, the local and regional economy, and the circumstances of local communities and their residents.
  • To monitor the implementation of the airport operator's commitments made under the Section 106 Agreement between the airport operator and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
  • To consider and comment upon consultative reports, as required.
  • To facilitate constructive discussion to resolve differences, when required. 

Our aim

Our aim is to provide an effective forum for the discussion of all matters concerning the development or operation of the airport, which have an impact on the users of the aerodrome and on people living and working in the surrounding area.

This will not have an impact on the responsibility of management to manage the airport.

Committee members

  • Chair of the Airport Consultative Committee - Alan Tolhurst OBE
  • Barnsley Council - Councillor Robin Franklin
  • Bassetlaw District Council - Councillor David Pidwell
    • Nominated substitute - Councillor Sybil Fielding 
  • Town Council representative from the NMESC - Town Councillor Alan Cropley
  • Parish Council representative from the NMESC – Parish Councillor Stephen Ward
  • Parish Council representative from the NMESC – Parish Councillor Paul Raybould
  • Doncaster Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise - Adrian Platts, Jade Dyer, Amy Rutherford
  • Doncaster Council - Councillor Steve Cox, Councillor Martin Greenhalgh, Councillor Glyn Jones, Councillor Joe Blackham, Councillor Barry Johnson
  • Friends of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (FODSA) - Andrew Bosmans
    • Nominated substitute - Paul Maddison
  • Lincolnshire County Council - Councillor Clio Lyndon Perraton-Williams
  • North Yorkshire County Council County Councillor - John Cattanach
  • Nottinghamshire County Council - County Councillor Tracey Taylor
  • Doncaster Sheffield Airport - Keith Moran
  • Peel Land and Property Group Management Limited and Doncaster Sheffield Airport - Gareth Finch, Neal Biddle
  • Rotherham Council - Councillor Denise Lelliott
    • Nominated substitute - Councillor John Williams
  • Committee Secretary - Andrew Shirt
    • Nominated substitute - Melanie Bray
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Tom Sutton
  • Sheffield City Council - Councillor Mark Jones
  • South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority - Andrew Gates
  • South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority LEP Board - Peter Kennan
  • West Lindsey District Council - Marina Di Salvatore
  • West Lindsey District Council - Councillor Jessie Milne
  • Ex-Officio Members – Yvonne Woodcock BEM, Norma McCarron
  • Doncaster MBC Planning – Chris Hall, Mark Sewell



Doncaster Sheffield Airport Noise Monitoring Sub-committee

The role of the sub-committee is:

  • To act as a link with local communities.
  • To review the implementation of the Quiet Operations Policy.
  • To review the Sound Insulation Grant Scheme every two years.
  • To consider the impact on the local community of ground operations associated with the airport.
  • To monitor air quality as measured at the monitoring stations.
  • To monitor the level of complaints and the performance of the airport's complaints handling procedure.
  • To review environmental implications of planning applications.
  • To review any incidents involving the use of emergency procedures relating to dumping of fuel and firewater.
  • To review the effectiveness of bird control measures.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of water resource management and the waste management plan.

Sub-committee members

  • Blyth Parish Council - Parish Cllr Stephen Petherbridge
  • North East Bassetlaw Forum - Parish Cllr Mark Watson

Doncaster Council

  • Armthorpe Ward - Councillor Sue Knowles
  • Finningley Ward - Councillor Steve Cox
  • Hatfield Ward - Councillor Linda Curran
  • Rossington and Bawtry Ward - Councillor Barry Johnson
  • Tickhill and Wadworth Ward - Councillor Martin Greenhalgh
  • Doncaster Council Environmental Health - Gavin Levett
  • Doncaster Council, South Area Office, Adults and Communities - Richards Lewis

Parish and town councils

  • Auckley Parish Council - Parish Councillor Ian Swainston
  • Austerfield Parish Council - Parish Councillor Chris Beckett
  • Bawtry TC - Town Councillor Alan Cropley
  • Blaxton - Parish Councillor Paul Raybould
  • Cantley with Branton Parish Council - Parish Councillor Stephen Ward
    • Nominated substitute - Parish Councillor Neville Williams
  • Finningley Parish Council - Parish Councillor Andy Martin
    • Nominated substitute - Parish Councillor Jason Clarke
  • Tickhill Town Council - Town Councillor Peter Walker

Lincs and East Riding

  • Wroot Parish Council - Parish Cllr Jonathan Baker

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

  • Operations Director - Keith Moran
  • Air Traffic Representative - Chris Borthwick, Jasmine Wheelwright
  • Head of Environment – Andrew Dutton
  • Environment and Safeguarding Advisor – Colin Barnes


  • Chair of the NMESC - Alan Tolhurst OBE
  • Committee Secretary - Andrew Shirt
    • Nominated substitute - Melanie Bray
  • Friends of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (FODSA) - Andrew Bosmans
    • Nominated substitute - Paul Maddison
  • Nick Fletcher MP - Councillor Cox to provide feedback to Nick Fletcher MP



Noise complaints

Doncaster Sheffield Airport acknowledges that noise remains the impact of greatest concern for local residents. In response, the airport has developed a Public Noise Complaints procedure as approved by the local planning authority to handle, monitor, investigate and report each complaint lodged by members of the public.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint by calling Doncaster Sheffield Airport by:

  • calling (01302) 623499
  • emailing
  • writing to Environment and Community Manager, Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster, DN9 3RH.

Please leave your name and address, followed by the date of the disturbance, time and any other information to assist the investigation.