Barnsley Leisure Card

Barnsley Leisure Card allows eligible groups of Barnsley residents to get money off sport and leisure activities in Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Wakefield.

Eligible groups

Categories Proof needed
Receiving JSA, incapacity benefit, ESA, PIP, income support, working tax credit, housing or council tax benefit, or carers allowance Benefit notification letter*, housing/council tax notification*, NHS tax credit exemption certificate* or bank statement**
An unemployed adult dependant of the above. Benefit notification letter* showing an increase in benefit for a dependant
A dependant junior of the above (aged 3-15) Proof of parent or guardians eligibility*
A disabled adult or junior
(a carer card is available but can only be used when a carer is assisting the disabled person)
Proof of disability benefit*
Aged 16-17 years or 60+ years Document showing proof of age
A full time student aged 18+ Letter from college, student travel pass, student financial notification
On a training scheme (non-waged) Letter from training agent or tutor
Asylum seeker Application Registration Card (ARC)/Standard Acknowledgement Letter (SAL)

* Dated within the last 12 months
** Dated within the last 6 months

Applying for a card

Fill in our online application form or visit one of the following centres, where you'll be able to fill in a form:

  • Metrodome Leisure Complex
  • Dearneside Leisure Centre
  • Hoyland Leisure Centre
  • Royston Leisure Centre
  • Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre
  • Hillies Pavilion Golf Course
  • Barnsley Council Libraries (except Priory and Sunnybank Early Years)

Whether you apply online or in person, you'll need to take the following along to one of the centres:

  • evidence of eligibility
  • a recent passport sized photograph which is a good likeness
  • appropriate fee (cash only)

The cost of a new, replacement, or carer card (if you're eligible) is £2. The card will last for one year from the date you receive it.

Where can I use my card

Find out where you can use your card and some of the discounts available.