Sports development and coaching

We provide help for individuals, local clubs and organisations in Barnsley by offering a signposting service for funding, inclusive clubs, and training courses. We want to get more people involved in sport and active recreation and close the gap in health inequalities.

Our Sport and Active Recreation team is responsible for:

  • implementing national initiatives
  • providing support to the community sports network (Barnsley Sport and Active Lifestyles Partnership)
  • keeping the strategy and action plans for sport and active recreation in the borough up-to-date
  • speaking with other public sector bodies, schools and the voluntary sector to make sure the projects and activities we work on are consistent with both central and local government agendas
  • promoting activities and programmes that help the health and wellbeing of the community

You can read our Sport and Active Lifestyle Strategy.

Coaching courses 

You can find more information on sports coaching courses in South Yorkshire at South Yorkshire Sport and Sports Coach UK

There is likely to be a charge for coaching courses. This will vary depending on the provider of the course.

If you live in Barnsley, we can advise you on sport coaching courses. Just fill in our enquiry form and we'll get back to you.  

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