Community governance review

Principal councils can carry out community governance reviews and put in place or make changes to local parish governance arrangements. 

As a principal council, we've started the first stage of this review process and encourage residents and interested organisations to get involved. 

What is a Community Governance Review (CGR)?

A review can take place for whole or part of the borough to consider one or more of the following:

  • creating or abolishing a parish area
  • altering parish boundaries or names to reflect local communities
  • grouping/de-grouping parishes under a common parish council
  • reviewing electoral arrangements (parish council or meeting, the number of councillors, parish wards and boundaries)
  • where a parish hasn't had an election for a long time, reviewing its membership so that it can stay accountable to voters

As a principal council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for: 

  • carrying out the review of parish governance arrangements
  • finalising the terms of reference
  • analysing public consultation responses
  • making draft recommendations during the process
  • making the reorganisation order

There's been a lot of development in the borough and a lot more is planned. We must make sure that this hasn't adversely affected our parishes, and that current arrangements reflect the identities and interests of the community.

Timetable for the review.

Next Stage

Stage one

This stage wants your views on your current arrangements and your thoughts on what a potential parish could look like in your area.

Please tell us your initial thoughts using the online form on this page, or write to:

BMBC, Electoral Services, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG

Submission deadline for stage one is 18 August 2017