Police and crime commissioner by election 2014

These are the results of the police and crime commissioner by election held on Thursday 30 October 2014.

The results of the election for the South Yorkshire Police Area are as follows:-

Name Party Votes
Allen, David English Democrats – 'Putting England First'      8,583  (5.8%)
Billings, Alan Labour  74,060  (50.02%)  
Clarkson, Jack      UK Independence Party (UKIP) 46,883  (31.66%)
Walker, Ian Conservative 18,536  (12.52%)

The total number of valid first preference votes:             148,062

The number of ballot papers rejected at first count:            2,299

The turnout in the South Yorkshire Police area at this election was 14.88%.

Alan Billings, the Labour Party candidate, was elected as the police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire.

The statements of count totals and of rejected ballot papers. From the first count for each of the four voting areas are listed below as follows (PDF format):-