03/09/2018 - Barnsley Council’s plans look to make the most of Brexit and managing any challenges.

We have included Brexit into our plans, including our Corporate Plan and our Risk Management Strategy, looking at the opportunities and risks for Barnsley through to 2020.

Managing risk

Brexit is also included within our Strategic Risk Register, which is reviewed on a biannual basis by our Senior Management Team and reported to our Audit Committee and Cabinet.

Our revised Risk Management Strategy is due to be considered by Cabinet in 2018. A number of risk areas are considered as part of the identification of risk, at a strategic and operational level. This includes the consideration of political risks and wider, national and global issues such as Brexit and economic risks.

The Risk Management Strategy will take into account our priorities of developing a thriving and vibrant economy, supporting people to achieve their potential and building strong and resilient communities.

Wider work throughout the council

We’ve been working with government and the wider region, such as the Industrial Alliance, to understand the potential impact and risks of Brexit. It’s very clear that we need government to commit to the new Shared Prosperity Fund to ensure that areas like Barnsley do not lose out if European investment funds are withdrawn. These funds have been crucial in helping to provide business growth, skills and employment opportunities.

Our Enterprising Barnsley team already provides intensive support to business, in collaboration with the Chamber, looking at supply chain impacts, certificates required and potential changes around customs checks for import and export.

We’re working with the Department of Investment Trade and we’re proactive in seeking inward investment opportunities from foreign companies as well as looking at the impact of Brexit in terms of employment of EU nationals in our companies. We continue to push for further devolution of funds from government to be spent and decided upon at a local level.

In addition, we have well-established community engagement arrangements through our area council and ward alliance structures. We track community cohesion tensions and have an extensive programme of community campaigns and initiatives including Love Where You Live.

We’ll continue to analyse the impact and risks of Brexit moving forward and look to ensure a positive future for Barnsley and our residents.

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