14/04/2021 Statement on the covenant covering Rockingham Sports Ground

In October 2020, as part of the masterplan proposals, the council explained that an agreement with Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation was approved so that they could purchase the council’s land, where the sports facility currently sits. 

The purchase of the land would be in two separate phases and require the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation to obtain planning permission to develop their adjoining land for warehouse and office accommodation.

Although the use of the Rockingham Sports Ground is currently restricted to leisure and recreational use, it does not mean this can’t be widened or removed by the party in charge of the covenant – in this case, the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation. Most importantly, as the holders of the covenant, they were included in the discussions and agreed to the proposal.

The plan is to begin works at the sports ground site towards the end of April so that the remainder of the site can continue to be available for leisure and recreational use. This part of the site will remain under the restriction, for now, until relocation to the Parkside site is complete.

It is important to note that the council has been working with the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation, the developer, and the Forge Community Partnership throughout.

Long-term, this will provide a much-improved facility and a better recreational offer for the community.

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