15/05/2023 - Town Centre ETRO

Matt O’Neill, executive director for growth and sustainability said, “To understand how parking and loading in the town centre can be improved, a special rule called an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) has been used. This legislation will be in place for up to eighteen months and allows flexible restrictions to be tested and adjusted during this time. The goal is to meet the needs of all people who use the area while ensuring traffic moves safely. Highways and Engineering will monitor how well the restrictions work and consider any objections or feedback received.

Because the town centre has changed with buildings being demolished, new construction projects (including the Glass Works), changes to roads, and adding a footbridge connecting the town to Oakwell Stadium, the parking rules need to be adapted.

The ETRO gives the public a chance to have a say and share their thoughts or objections about the restrictions while they are being tried out. This way, if needed, the restrictions can be adjusted to meet the local community’s needs better.”

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