19/04/2023 - Update on Wombwell High Street works

Works to improve the layout and accessibility of Wombwell High Street are underway as part of the Principal Towns programme to revitalise our local town centres.

The programme includes pavement improvements to both sides of the high street, resurfacing of the highway, and decluttering and improvements to the street scene around the market area.

Works will include new seating, refreshing existing structures, levelling sunken paving, providing anchor points and pop-up power for the market and the removal of three trees.

The three trees planned for removal were inspected - two were in generally poor form and condition with a limited life expectancy, and in places, the roots of these trees were causing damage or risk of damage to paving. These trees have now been removed to provide space for the other trees to develop full, even crown forms without significant competition, improving their form and allowing them to thrive.

Working with local community groups, the three trees will be replaced with nine new trees which will be planted in local green spaces, during the next planting season in September.

While some works are undertaken, temporary surfaces may be in place. You can read more about our Principal Towns Programme at barnsley.gov.uk/PrincipalTowns.

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