21/11/2019 - Consultation Notices

David Shepherd, Service Director for Regeneration and Culture, said: "We have been informed that the end date for the MU1 (Barnsley West) masterplanning consultation was incorrect on notices issued around the development site. We have reviewed all material and can confirm this is an unfortunate error which is limited to the site notices only.

"The notices were just one form of publicity we used to communicate the consultation. Promotion included a letter posted to over 2,400 residents living within 250 metres of the development site, media releases which were published in local and regional press, a public notice printed in the Barnsley Chronicle and display boards in the Library @ the Lightbox. Alongside these traditional methods of communication, we carried out a variety of digital promotion on our website and our social media platforms.

"We also held two public consultation events which were very well attended. The events provided the opportunity for residents to view and understand proposals, collect a copy of the questionnaire and gain an understanding of the consultation process.

"Therefore, given the wider publicity carried out, and the significant number of responses received, we will not be re-opening the consultation. There are no specific regulations around consultation on Masterplan Frameworks and while consultation is encouraged, it is not mandatory.

"For all of the masterplanning sites allocated for development within Barnsley's Local Plan, which was adopted earlier this year, we have decided to follow the arrangements made for the Supplementary Planning Documents, with additional elements to reach as many people as possible.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all the residents, businesses and community groups who have taken time to share their views and help shape the future of the site."

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