22/04/21 Statement in response to studies showing Barnsley posting UK’s strongest growth in job opportunities

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: "This is a welcome boost for Barnsley and showcases that we're in a strong position to attract investment from outside the borough, supporting our ambitious plans for 2030.

"It's great that Barnsley is also providing opportunities for local businesses and people to grow, and we’ve seen many local companies expanding and moving into new business premises.

"Through our economic recovery programme, we’ll continue to focus on attracting more businesses to Barnsley and give our businesses the support and tools they need to bounce back from Covid-19.

"With any extensive developments to support business growth, we understand that there is an impact on our residents, and not everyone will welcome it. It is a difficult balance – but we must do what we can to create jobs and careers to give our future generations opportunities."

Businesses looking to invest in Barnsley should email investment@barnsley.gov.uk

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