30/03/2020 Asos / XPO Logistics site

Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council, said: “In response to the concerns we received, our Regulatory Services visited the site on Friday 27th March and found that at the time of the visit there were various social distancing measures in place and at no point did our officer see any member of staff not in compliance with this.

“The company is following national government advice in terms of remaining operational, protecting the welfare of their employees and constantly reviewing how additional measures can be introduced where necessary.

“There are visual markers, frequent reminders, additional cleaners, new eating arrangements, dispersal of lockers and available hand sanitiser around the site.

“We can confirm that reports of 3 ambulances visiting the site during the weekend (28-29 March) have proved to be false.

“As a further measure to support the company to remain open, a conference call took place today between BMBC, Stagecoach and XPO to further expand the number of buses servicing the site and to build upon the action that has been taken to date. This has included increasing bus numbers at shift times and moving to double-decker vehicles where needed.

“We are following government guidance that businesses who can operate safely should remain open. XPO Logistics are the largest private employer in the borough, making an important contribution to our local economy and we will continue to support them and all other Barnsley businesses to remain open during this period.”


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