A628 Dodworth Road highway improvements (M1, J37) - all statements


Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “For some time we’ve been exploring options to ease existing congestion and improve air quality along Dodworth Road. While the preferred option does impact nearby Penny Pie Park, it avoids compulsory purchase of property and will deliver the most long-term benefits. The improvements will provide enough capacity for the current volume of traffic and prevent queuing on the M1, as well as accommodating the future business and housing growth aspirations of the borough.

“To reduce the impact of the proposed scheme, a greenspace appraisal has been carried out. Part of the project will include enhancing the facilities available in the local area:

  • The play area, multi-use games area, and outdoor gym will be retained and relocated in Penny Pie Park
  • New footpaths and a children’s cycle path will improve access
  • Pogmoor recreation ground will benefit from improved pedestrian access and additional benches and bins
  • Sugdens recreation ground on Stocks Lane will be upgraded to a larger equipped play area

“A public information session will be held in September where people can hear more about the project and give their thoughts on the suggested greenspace improvements; the proposed scheme is subject to the usual planning consultation.”


Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “It would not be appropriate for the council to promote the scheme before it has gone through the legal planning process. The planning application was validated on Tuesday 31 July. The council has publicised the application in line with the requirements of Government legislation (Development Management Procedure Order).

“The legislation dictates that a minimum period of 21 days should be given for members of the public to submit representations on the application. Given the high level of interest in this scheme, we have extended this period to allow representations to be made until 5pm on Friday 7 September. A public information session will be held before this date to allow residents to feedback on suggested green space mitigations.

“We’ll then evaluate the representations received and once the officer assessment has been completed, the application will be decided by the councillors who sit on the Planning Regulatory Board in a public meeting held in the town hall. The application expiry date is currently Friday 26 October.”

21/08/2018 - In response to friends' group meeting

Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council, said: “I want to thank the people for attending the meeting yesterday (20 August) with myself, ward councillors and officers. We’re arranging another meeting so we can respond to the group’s questions and concerns more fully and provide more information on the proposed plans.”

31/08/2018 - In response to letter from CPRE

A Barnsley Council spokesperson said:

“I can confirm that we have received feedback from CPRE on the planning application for A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction Improvement.

“We have extended the planning consultation period to accommodate comments from interested parties until 5pm on Friday 7 September.

Following this, we’ll evaluate the points raised by CPRE along with any other comments received.”

20/11/2018 - In response to an enquiry about timing around Section 106 agreements

A Barnsley Council spokesperson said:

"AECOM was commissioned in 2016, to carry out an assessment of the A628 Dodworth Road / Pogmoor Road crossroads to find out the capacity of the junction, and its likely future capacity. You can read this in section 4.2 and 4.3 of the approved Cabinet report.

"The decision to progress to the next stage of the proposal was approved by cabinet on 25 July 2018.

"Almost all the money going to Penny Pie Park is from two large Section 106 awards, with one listed as having an end date of May 2018, a month before the AECOM master plan was published.

"The first project was approved in November 2012 and completed in September 2013:

  • MUGA and footpath - £43,341
  • Maintenance for 15 years - £40,005

"The second project was approved in September 2013. In May 2018, the project paused and all remaining funding has gone back into the S106 development fund. You can find out more information about Section 106 agreements on our website.

"The council has already highlighted Penny Pie Park’s assets which it will look to retain as part of the planning proposal, including the MUGA. You can read this on the planning portal."

20/11/2018 - In response to an enquiry about when Barnsley Council first became aware of the need to take action to tackle traffic congestion in that area.

A Barnsley Council spokesperson said:

"All information regarding the proposed A628 Dodworth Road / Broadway Junction improvement is publically available on Barnsley Council’s website.

"Research started into traffic flow in the area in 2016 with the commission of the AECOM report. As stated above you can read this in section 4.2 and 4.3 of the approved Cabinet report.

"The decision to progress to the next stage of the proposal was approved by cabinet on 25 July 2018."

21/11/2018 - in response to Noise reports on the planning portal

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: “The council received the report from AECOM in September 2018. The council, as an applicant for the proposals, sought the Planning Service’s view on some potential mitigation options that AECOM had recommended.  The Planning Service raised some possible concerns with the potential mitigations. The council asked AECOM to carry out further work. 

“The report was one of a number of documents that the council had been asked to submit to the Planning Service. The Planning Service took the view that it made sense to publicise all the additional information in one go, to reduce the impact on people making representations and to avoid confusion and consultation fatigue.

“The remaining information was received last week. The Planning Service tried to notify residents as soon as possible, hence the letters being issued on Friday.

“The noise reports highlight that there are 2,153 residential properties and 5 non-residential noise sensitive buildings that fall within the 600m calculation area that is used to evaluate noise levels. For properties and buildings outside of this calculation area, but within 1km, a wider study area impact assessment has been carried out.

“Of the 2,153, some 56 properties, which currently experience high noise levels, could see an increase. The significant and moderate impact at these 56 properties may be avoided through the implementation of a noise insulation scheme, in line with the Noise Insulation Regulations’ package of measures, assuming the residents accept any offer made. We’re looking at a range of options to lessen the impact of these effects which can be seen in the information on the planning portal.”

21/11/18 - In response to dialogue with Highways England

"In 2006, Dodworth Bypass was constructed to aid the flow of traffic and facilitate the Capitol Park development. After this, to improve the flow of traffic, reduce journey times and increase air quality more directly on Dodworth Road itself, the introduction of traffic signals and improvements to the M1 entries of the southbound and northbound slip roads were constructed by the M1 J37 Pinch point scheme.

"The A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction improvement proposal has been referred to in meetings where both Highways England and the council have been present, but no specific meetings have been held with Highways England about this. Highways England are a statutory consultee for the planning process and have access to the planning application documentation.

"The Transport Assessment which details possible transport options has been submitted in support of the planning application. The do-nothing scenario indicates that by 2023, just through normal traffic growth, vehicles could be backing up onto the M1. The Transport Assessment can be viewed on the council’s website. The report is called - 20180965 Pogmoor Crossroads - TA - Combined reduced (3).pdf (9.77 MB)."


Barnsley Council’s Planning Regulatory Board (PRB) today (Tuesday, 18 December) resolved to grant a planning application to make improvements to the A628 Dodworth Road, Broadway junction. 

Prior to the application being considered by PRB, a request was made to the Secretary of State, James Brokenshire, to ask him to “call in” the application meaning he would become the decision maker. 

In light of this request, the council has agreed not to issue the decision pending confirmation from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government as to whether or not the Secretary of State has decided to call in the application. 

There are no firm timescales for this decision and a further statement will be issued once the council has clarity.


Following the Secretary of State’s decision not to call in the planning application for the new road scheme on the A628 Dodworth Road and Broadway, Barnsley Council has given notice that it proposes to appropriate 1.133 hectares of land it owns at Penny Pie Park from public open space to public highway.

It is a legal requirement that the Council designates the land on which the works are to be carried out for the relevant statutory purpose; which in this case is for highway purposes. This is known as “Appropriation”.

The appropriation process is a standard procedure, separate to the planning process that the council has to carry out.  There is a legal requirement under the Local Government Act 1972  to issue a public notice and to consider any representations or objections.

Anyone wanting to make an objection to the proposed appropriation should do so in writing to A.C Frosdick LLB, Dip LG, Solicitor BMBC Legal Services, PO Box 600, Barnsley S70 9EZ by quoting reference CR/HT/401/01) by no later than Friday, 22 March, giving full reasons for the objection to the appropriation.

A copy of the plan showing the area in question may be inspected free of charge during normal office hours at Central Library, Wellington House, 36 Wellington Street, Barnsley, S70 1WA. (Plan reference: HD 7122127-PH01). 

It can also be viewed at www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/regeneration/key-projects/

All objection responses will be analysed and a report presented to Barnsley Council’s Cabinet in May, for a decision to be made on the appropriation.

17 April 2019

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: “Now that the consultation period for responses to the ‘notice to appropriation’ has ended, all responses will be collated, analysed and presented  in a report to Cabinet.  Cabinet will then decide whether or not the land can be appropriated.”

9 July 2019

Barnsley Council Leader, Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, said:

“Clearly this proposed road improvement scheme has caused concerns for residents and other people; however, all options and all alternatives have been considered by the council.

Some 36 options were looked at as to how we can manage the traffic problem that continues to increase in that area. 

“Doing nothing is not an option. Doing something to make sure we protect not just traffic management but the future of our borough, the town centre and its investment is absolutely crucial to the council. 

“We’ve talked to residents and we continue to talk to people about the impact of the scheme and how we can mitigate some of the issues around it. We’ve been talking with local residents’ groups on the design of the new scheme, and while they clearly have concerns, they have worked with us very closely and have been supportive of the way the scheme has developed to make the most of the greenspace. 

“We will continue to listen to what people have to say around all issues and how we can continue to manage traffic in Barnsley effectively.”

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