Barnsley Homeless Alliance

Helping rough sleepers and people who beg is not always about giving them money on the street. There are many ways we can help people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in this situation. You can help by telling us about someone sleeping rough, giving your time or giving donations. All of these can support people to give them a brighter and healthier future off the streets.

What we do

Barnsley Homeless Alliance is made up of organisations and charities that support local homeless people. We work together to provide food, clothing, housing, medical care and substance misuse services. We help give a future to those on the street through practical and caring support and advice.

Who we are
Homeless people in a queue
Homeless person writing a note

Things we get asked

We’re often asked about how people can help and get involved. The generosity of people in Barnsley is fantastic and we’d like to let you know how your time or money can be used in the best way possible to support those who are homeless or begging.

Things we get asked