More and Better Jobs

The employer promise helps all types and size of businesses to offer what they can to help young people and adults. It's about bringing business and education together. If you're a Barnsley business keen to play your part in growing the economy, you can sign up to our employer promise.

We've created an employer expression of interest form to make sure we can work with you and your business to offer the right options. When we get your expression of interest we'll contact you to see what help you need. We can also offer guidance and tips on best practice to make your offering as engaging as possible.

Getting ready for work

  • Give talks in schools, colleges, universities and  communities to introduce people to what's available.

  • Offer real work placements.

  • Provide one-to-one advice and mentoring to help young people prepare to apply for jobs and interviews.

Getting into work

  • Hold open days and tours so people can learn about a range of industries.

  • Provide apprenticeships and internships.

  • Offer flexible working patterns so people can work around other commitments, such as childcare.

Getting on in work

  • Offer work shadowing so people can learn on the job.

  • Provide secondments so people can widen their  knowledge and skills and gain new ones.

  • Provide ongoing training so people can progress their careers.

  • Provide an inclusive and healthy workplace.

Employee competences

We work with local businesses, schools, colleges and other services to give people opportunities to develop their readiness for work.

One of the first things we did was to ask employers what makes a good employee. They told us the following 10 competences.

The 10 competences

What this means
Good at cooperating with other people, sharing ideas and supporting others to get tasks completed.
Motivation and initiative
Having a positive attitude. Planning own work and getting on with it effectively.
Digital skills
The ability to use email, the internet and common office software found in most workplaces.
Numeracy and literacy
Have the necessary reading, writing and maths skills to carry out work-related tasks.
Coming to work on time, and being relied on to complete tasks properly and thoroughly.
Follow instructions
Being a good listener and following instructions accurately.
Adapting when circumstances change where there's a need to switch to a different task quickly.
Sticking at tasks, even when things go wrong. Learning from any setbacks, staying positive and keeping trying.
Dressing smartly and appropriately for the job. Speaking clearly and respectfully to colleagues.
Acting responsibly and knowing how to build good relationships with managers, colleagues and customers.